D'banj Is My Celebrity Fashion Icon - Mr. Kaysass,Prime TV

Kayode Akindele Michael also known as Mr Kaysass is the Channel Manager for Prime TV,Nigezie's fashion and lifestyle station. In this interview,he confessed his love for girls and explained why D'banj is his favourite fashion icon. Ladies and gentlemen,I present to you the man who drives fashion with the right drive.

Q - Why have you chosen the path of fashion?

A - Because it is a growing passion within me?

Q - Do you have any background in any fashion related business?

A - Yes, my mum is a fashion designer.             So I really do love fashion, its my life.

Q - Is she the one that makes ur clothes?

A - In those days tho! (Laughs) but now I am a big boy.

Q - So,who's your favorite designer now as a big boy?

A - Humnnn,I really love Nigerian designers. I like Mai Atafo,Tiffany Amber,Iconic Invanity and Mattew Williamson

Q - Which Nigerian artiste can you regard as a fashion icon?

A - D'banj

Q- Why?

A - Because I love the sense of his style very simple and cool

Q - Tell us about Prime TV

A - Oh! My Prime,my life,my love. Prime is a lifestyle TV program that focuses on fashion, style, trends, and events and the very dynamic players making it happen in africa and beyond.

Q - Tell us about your home & education background.

A - I am the only son from d family of 3 and I am from Ikorodu Lagos State. I studied Mass Communication in UNILAG.

Q - I learnt you like girls a lot. Is it true?

A -  (Laughs) Yes I do 'cos am not gay bro. I love girls, but I have a special one.

Q - How many hearts have you broken before meeting your special one?

A - (Laughs) No answer for that one oooo.

Q - It's nice chatting with you.Thank you for your time.

A - You are welcome bro.
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