Fans Take A Swipe At Funke Akindele's Husband,Calls Him A Thug

This is an extract from some of the comments posted online by readers.

"Yes everybody loves jenifa but u fuck up to marry such an agbero man in d first place. Bia, dis agbero man na on fb u come break up wit ur wifey. Uwa ntoooo!"

"Am not suprised. my BB battery last longer than weddings of nowadays even pako biscuit they strong pass am"

"Funke deserves more than this...and we al make mistakes,pray u able to pick up n move on....All d best"

"The morale of this story is do not marry other people's husband, seek your own man, it's only natural that it will end this way. I only wonder why people jubilate, celebrate and cheer towards sinful and immoral acts"

"I knew the marriage will not last cos that Kehinde is the worse thing that could have happened to Funke.if you are familiar with Oshodi you will know that Kehinde is a thug n woman molester.he does it to his first wife at will.Funke am not blaming you for wanting to settle down cos I wear your shoes too but pls NEVER lower your standard again.still my Jenny baby and love will smile on you soon."

"Marriage? This institution keeps making me scared to even enter into it....but I believe in God for a good choice......take heart you both"

"May be their marriage was a contract after all! Mtcheew"

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