How To Make Her Say 'YES' On The First Date

Most ladies are not hard to get but they may seem so to some guys. The truth is,she needs someone to date but you just don't appear as the guy she may say 'yes' to. Taking her to the most expensive restaurant doesn't guarantee her acceptance of your offer.

One important factor that decides how you are perceived by others is the way you look and the way you address

Read on for tips on how to make her say 'YES' on the first date.

Pay Attention To Your Looks: Imagine how much time girls spend making themselves look excellent for you. It is just right that you put effort to excellent grooming as well.

Wear suitable attire, but don't overdress or compete with her for fashion attention.

Don't wear overpowering perfume or cologne, but do wear some. It makes a statement.

Make sure your hair and nails are clean. Trim your nails,nose and ear hair.Nothing makes a woman cringe more than hair that shouldn't be there.

Work on your personality: Know current events. Impress her with your worldly knowledge.This shows her that you have a caring and diverse personality.

Do you have a nice smile, a fantastic sense of humour, or wit like no other? Then play on these features. Use them as your tool.

Do something unusual and cheap, something you had to think about and put time into. Don't do anything huge, something interesting that you alone will be remembered for.

Be natural. Be yourself. Don't make everything you say a line from a TV show or sound very rehearsed. Let whatever happens, happen. You'll never really get to know each other otherwise.

First impression is the last impression.This is one of the most vital dating tips for guys.Therefore keep in mind to make a fantastic first impression.
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