I Can't Take Over From Odunlade Adekola - Lateef Osu

Anyone who does not know Lateef Adedimeji definitely doesn't have a Startimes decoder at home or doesn't watch classic yoruba movies. Osu as he is fondly called is a humble youngman who is fast rising in the showbiz world. He shared with me his relationship with Odunlade Adekola and how he became a TV Presenter.

Enjoy this piece.

Q - Tell us about yourself.

A -  My name is Abdullateef Adedimeji Adetola Osuolale, a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University. Am an indigene of Ogun State,Gbagura to be precise. I am an actor, a dancer, TV presenter, basically an entertainer.

Q - When did you venture into showbiz?

A - I have been a showbiz person for long. I was trained by an NGO community life project. They are into sensitization crusade on HIV-AIDS to the grassroot dwellers through dance,music and drama. That is where my interest in showbiz sets in at age 13 and ever since then till now I have been in it but I started performing professionally like 9years ago.

Q - As an actor,which movie showcased you the most?

A - Hmmmm, as an actor am into both English and Yoruba movies, but the Yoruba movies showcased me the most and I have featured in several movies including the one I produced myself in 2009 - 'OSEREGI'. But I think 'KULUSONI' which I acted along side Odunlade Adekola as his younger brother and some other ones like 'AJA' , 'KUDETI' has actually pushed me to an extent.

Q - People believe you look like Odunlade Adekola,what's your relationship with him?

A - Yes,you are right. Most people say so and that's why I was nicknamed Osu(month). He is a boss in the industry and have acted along side with him in about 4 to 5 movies now.

Q - What's his impression about you? Hope he doesn't see you as a threat?

A - (Smile) I don't think so, he is made already, what threat can I possibly be to him?

Q - So you mean you don't see yourself taking over from him?

A - No ooooooooo, oju orun to eye fo , lai fi ara kan ra(the sky is wide enough for all birds to thrive). I can't take over from him, I look up to him and I learn from him.

Q - You have become a regular face on TV as a result of the programme you anchor on Orisun TV.How did you get the job?

A - All thanks to God, and to a man I respect a lot, Mr. Bimbo Ogunsanya. He saw me in a location where he came as a DOP. He told me about a soap-opera, 'SABABI', which I took part in and played a major role because he believe in my ability. He is the same brain behind my becoming a TV presenter today. He called me one morning to meet with him in his house . From there,I found myself in Nigezie and Orisun TV. I was auditioned and the result is 'Miliki Express'. Bimbo is also the producer and director of the programme. I  want to use this medium to thank the CEO of Nigezie and Orisun for the great opportunity.

Q - So you are now a big boy?

A - (Laugh) Big boy ke? I am still in the making ni joooor.

Q - Thank you for your time

A - You are welcome my brother.

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  1. I just want to let it out that, Sir Lateef-nickname "Osu" ,is indeed a great actor. We've staged worked together while I was in Nigeria, countless of time and I must confess that he is an amazing young actor. Wishing you all the best in the industry.

  2. Uhmm, here in the United states, myself and my family just watched Kudi klepto, and we could swear that Osu is Odunlade's brother. Guy you too resemble. And you are surely a rising star.

  3. Uhmmmm,am short of words.abdul lateef u performed awesomely in d movie kudi klepto.u have a good diction

  4. Uhmmmm,am short of words.abdul lateef u performed awesomely in d movie kudi klepto.u have a good diction