I Love Tall And Slim Guys - Miliki Express TV Presenter, Damilola Banire

Dami Banire On set Of Miliki Express

 Iya aafin Onimiliki is her new alias coined from the TV Programme she host on Orisun TV, (Miliki Express). Damilola Banire is a woman of many caps. She is an actress, TV Host, Event Planner and an Entrepreneur.

Q - Tell us about your journey into showbiz
A - Emm….that is not a tough question but….ok, lets do it this way. After I resigned from the company I worked last, I met Gbenga Oyeyiga, so he called me one day to a musical video shoot for Queen Ayo Balogun(the female juju artiste), so I went to the location at Ago-Iwoye and that’s how I met  Bimbo Ogunsanya(my boss) who introduced me into acting through his job ‘SABABI’. But before I got into acting, I have been an event planner.
Q – So, aside from ‘SABABI’, which other movie have you featured in?
                                                     Lateef, Bimbo Ogunsanya and Dami
A - I have featured in Femi Adebayo’s ‘OJUKOJU’, Alh. Wale Akorede’s ‘JEMILA’. I was in one scene in ‘MUFU OLOOSA OKO’. I have worked on a project with a super director in the English genre, Mr Taiwo Oduala, and currently just finished an English soap, SIDE OF LIFE.

Q - We learnt Bimbo Ogunsanya created the TV presentation platform for you. Is there any strings attached?
A -  Yes, he created the TV platform but no strings attached. Bimbo Ogunsanya is a professional to the core, he values work and he loves his job. If Bimbo invests his time to train somebody that means he has seen the commitment zeal and passion such person have towards work. I have understood in life that things work faster through God when you make your profession your passion. So, I think Bimbo has just brought out the ‘abinibility’ he saw in me from the first day we met. I know if he is reading this, he will be one happy man to have invested in me.
Q - You mean you have gone this far in the entertainment industry without having an affair with any major stakeholder?
A – Affair kwa! When you say major stakeholder, ask if I even know them. I tell you today I have met so many people in the industry, the fathers, mothers, the aunties, uncles, friends and so many more but I will like you to be expansive on your term stakeholder.
Q – I mean film makers, marketers, and TV station owners.
A – (Laughs) Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t think I have found myself in trhat shoes yet. Its not that they don’t make any advance oooo but to whom brain is given, sense is required. Shikena!
Q - Let’s talk about your job. Who is your role model?
A – Humnnnnn! Role Model is God because he is the alpha and omega. The one no one can question his authority. But I have people who inspire me as well.
Q – Who are they?
A -  I draw a lot of inspiration from music especially that of; Queen Salawa Abeni, kayode Fashola, Ayinla Omowura, Haruna Ishola, Gen. Prince Adekunle, KSA, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, Tope Alabi and some other gospel music. Then I like Adedoyin Kukoyi (Gbajumo Osere)
Q - No actress inspires you?
A – Not exactly asides Joke Silver. I see her more than an actress but a woman in its true meanings.
Q – Are you sure this will not be misinterpreted as pride?
A - No, not pride in any form, I mean no harm, I have just said my bits. I like a lot Actors. I like Dele Odule’s act, Prince Jide Kosoko, Antar Laniyan, Akin Lewis, Yomi Fash-Lanso to mention a few. I like their roles in movies, it is well interpreted and they are comical even while playing serious roles. And for the female actors, I like Bimbo Akintola’s act, Joke Muyiwa, Tola Oladokun and Shola Shobowale.
Q - As a TV Presenter, do you intend to float your own TV Programme?
A – Yes, someday soon. I don’t know when but everything is in God’s hand, but I am glad about my job and I love it.
Q – What about marriages plans?
A – (Big laughter) Will I marry myself? I don’t know why men just don’t see some women beyond sex material. Well, all I will say is suitors are coming, in fact, everyday sef, but who ever rushes in might not be so patient to stay in, so to avoid rushing out let me walk in to it patiently, divorce is not an option for me. Though slow and steady dey carry last sha (laughs)
Q – Will he be someone in the industry?
A – Ahaahahahaha…..No and yes. If yes, someone behind the camera; If no, from any work of life. Feelings have it own politics but I am hoping not from the industry sha.
Q - Has there been anytime you wished you were never a showbiz personality?
A - No, no time. I have made my passion my profession. So it’s a lot easier. I am an extrovert. I don’t get angry over anything. So, there has been no time I wished I was never in showbiz.
Q – What if your fiancĂ© says you should quit as a condition for marriage?
A – Ahahahahahaha……if you love me, you will have to love my wholly. If I look beautiful or smart to any man, I believe he should also love what makes me beautiful and smart. Mass communication is me, it’s my way and ideology of life. So I am sure he won’t put it as a condition. Often times, I tell my friends, I wish my job was a man, I would have married him.
Q – Finally, who is your ideal man?
A – Are you asking per looks? If looks…..emmmmmm. Oh God! Ok…I wont say I like a God-fearing man like every other ladies make it a seem, but I want a man who is active in his religion and belief. I like him to be hardworking, romantic because I am not romantic, so he can build me up. He should have and pay attention to good looks. I just have a lust for slim tall guys. (Big laughter)
Q  - Thank you for your time.
A – You are most welcome…..anytime.
Iya aafin Onimiliki and Abayomi Oke On Set of Miliki Express

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