I May Not Be A Literate But Am Intelligent - Comic Actor,Sanyeri

Olaniyi Afonja,aka Sanyeri has been in the industry for close to two decades. He was however shot to limelight by the film he produced by himself in year 2009 and released in year 2010 - 'Aina Orosun'. He later became popular when he starred in 'Opa Kan' and 'Muniru ati Ambali' with his partner Adekola Tijani. He has won several awards including the recent one given to him by City People Entertainment as the Best Comic Actor Of The Year(Yoruba). Sanyeri's success story can be attributed to many things which includes:

* Consistency: Sanyeri and his friend Oleyo learnt the art of acting from the same boss as far back as 1991 then in Oyo town before they moved to Lagos. According to Sanyeri,"I did not learn any other trade or profession aside from theatre.I remain committed to it right from when I was still a young boy" he said.

* Humility: Probably because of his background,his sense of humility is adorable. Colleagues and fans can attest to how humble Sanyeri is. He respects and relates well with everybody.

* Originality: Sanyeri has proven on many occasions to be real and truthful.He is not a pretender.Unlike some yoruba actors who will want to impress their fans by speaking english when they know they are not quite fluent,Sanyeri will rather speak yoruba without apologies to his audience.I recall he said "Sanyeri o gbe 'bo,a mo o lopolo"(Sanyeri doesn't understand english but he is intelligent) when he receieved his recent award at the City People Awards.

* Creativity: His creativity is on point.He acts as if he doesn't do anything again aside from acting.His creativity has made people believe Sanyeri is the same as Olaniyi Afonja.He claimed a fan once slapped him from behind thinking he would react the way he used to in movies.

* Professionalism: People have complained about the way some older comic actors who had once reigned used to interprete their roles.They claimed,these actors overdo or overreact.If you notice Sanyeri,he doesn't talk as much as a comic actor who stays at Ikorodu does or even overreact as he used to do then.

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