Joke: Policeman And My Dog

I was driving down the street in Ikeja, having
just finished answering a call on my mobile
phone, when a policeman suddenly jumped in
front of my car, opened the front passenger
door, entered and jammed it. As is customary
with his kind, he wanted to collect "something"
from me... Then suddenly he saw the big black
Rothweiler dog - Jackie - sitting pretty on the
back seat, staring fiercely at him with tongue
stuck out.
POLICEMAN: [shaking] Ah! You carry dog?
ME: [I bone my face] Ehn I carry dog. That one
na offence? POLICEMAN: [feeling uncomfortable]
Na where una dey come from?
ME: From hospital!
POLICEMAN: [feeling uneasy] Ehn! You sick?
ME: No, na the dog sick o! POLICEMAN: [Looks
back] Why the dog come dey shake im head like
ME: Oh! Like that? If the dog wan bite person na
so e dey shake head o.
POLICEMAN: And the dog know you?
ME: Yes naa. No be me get am? POLICEMAN:
[sweating] This your door, how you dey open
ME: Open it naa. Abi you no know as you take
POLICEMAN: Abeg, na since I notice the dog I
don dey try open am.
(The dog was getting impatient and gave a small
grunt, its tongue almost touching the
policeman's left ear)
POLICEMAN: (Sliding forward slowly on the seat,
visibly sweating and speaking quietly now) Ehn...
I don commit today o. Ehn Oga make I drop,
abeg. E joor talk to this dog naa. Yeh.... wetin he
dey do now?
ME: I don't like the way he dey look you ooo.
Make I slow down. Don't rush o or
quiet. (Grrrrrrrrrr)
POLICEMAN: Yeepa! Mo gbe. E joor I dey go
now. Abeg tell am to cool temper oo.
ME: Oya oya open the door slowly.
The olopa suddenly zoomed out and slammed
the door.
The last thing I heard from the policeman?.....
"E no go better for you and your dog!"
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