Revealed: Why Some Girls Have Spiritual Husbands.

What you are about to read will attract different reactions depending on your temperament.
Some readers will be touched and therefore make ammend where necesary.
Some readers will smile or laugh.
Some readers will hiss.
Since I won't be there when you are reading,your reaction may not be noticed by me. However,you can drop a comment.  

*How can you have 8 tribal marks
on both cheeks + multiple stretch
marks and you still want a tattoo...
Haba, you no dey fear God?
                                                               *Nowadays, not all marriages start
with "Will You Marry Me?" Some
start with "I am Pregnant" True or
*You really shouldn't depend on
compliments to know your
physical attributes. Are you blind?
Abi if you worwor, you no go

*Why won't some girls have
spiritual husbands when they
Sleep naked? So you think those
evil spirits don't like girls too

*Kill an American citizen and 1
million policemen will be deployed
to search for you, but kill 1 million
Nigerians, you will be invited for
*Don't try to follow the Zebra
crossings in Nigeria. To Nigerian
Drivers, it is just a Tom-Tom
*If you've been with  MTN for 3-4
years without getting another
line, you can withstand ANYTHING
life throws at you! Trust me.
*How can you say you and your
girlfriend have been going out for
6years... Abeg where una dey go?
Una never reach there?
*Some girls will raise their yam legs
up when their mum is sweeping,
but go to their boyfriend's house
and be forming environmental

So what will you do? Yab me or praise me? Woreva,its kuku my                                                                          
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