Strange But True - Angels Seen Moving On The Wall In Lagos

As strange as this may sound,it's authenticity is not in doubt. I received a call on tuesday afternoon from a woman who is not just an eye witness but the one through which the incidence occurred. It happened in a C&S church around Command-Ekoro road,Abule-Egba.

Read her narration below:

"I was looking at a picture of a mountain on my phone with a member of my church(See pix above). We suddenly noticed an illumination emanated from the phone and shone on the wall. Then we saw three angel-like creatures moving on the wall. As this was happening,a female prophet who has been on the mountain went into trance and started prophesying. The head of the church too follow suit. We made attempt to snap & video what we saw but unfortunately,all the phones we used stopped working.It was like a dream. After sometime,we started singing praises.I also went into trance and when I got up,I scroll through my phone and saw a picture of a leg. I don't know how and when my phone took the picture but its actually strange. As I speak to you,the place of this incidence has become a sacred place.Please I want you to come and cover it.We are trying to get in touch with 'Labe Orun' as well.
If you come,you will see what am talking about. Endtime is around the corner,I think God is trying to show us that He liveth. Different issues,different signs everyday is a pointer to that fact"

My dear readers,I will be at the venue of this strange incidence tomorrow friday. So expect more gist.

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  1. lmao, naija una no go kill me, na una go see mermaid and na una go see angel.

  2. Sheskey,dis one is real o. I was dre ystday