Talk About It With Dafe: The Display Of Love

One of my friends dated a guy who never showed her affection when they were out together. I once asked her about it & she said he did not like to display a " public show of affection." They eventually broke up & she married a wonderful young guy who believes in holding hands & hugging. They are very happy. It is very important to show affection to your spouse every opportunity you get.

One of the most beautiful picture of romance I have ever seen is one I witness every sunday morning at Victory Christian Church Lagos. On the front row center of the second section sit a wonderful man & his precious wife. They are in their eighties. They sit so close to each other you couldn't get a sheet of paper between them. Every sunday they hold each other's hard.

These two wrinkled & gnarled hands are clasped tightly & the other two hands are raised in praise & worship to the Lord. The message of romance they send every sunday is a memorial to the love they have for each other & the love they have for God. My prayer for you is that God will develop in you the softness & sweetness that He created you to have. May your spouse receive the loving affection that you show to him/her & return it in an overflowing proportion.

Talk about it...

Dafe Smith Snr. An Entrepreneur, Relationship Coach, Minister & Author of the "The forgotten Vow",Online Host of "HMlife".

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