Talk About It With Dafe: I'm An Ambassador Of Christ

I'm an ambassador of Christ

There is nothing new under the sun," Psalms tells us, and I believe it. What was done will be repeated again. I can only pray for the Salvation of those that are lost, as Jesus did. Salvation came in the flesh (Jesus) and they believed him not. The body of Christ is "Broken" each of us who make up a part or limb needs repair. Our brothers and sisters who are leaving the faith, who destroy their Souls and Bodies for whatever reasons will have to answer to GOD just as we do.

Unfortunately, Sin is more prevalent and glorified than GOD Himself in this world, by sinners and the saved alike. When a sinner sins it's because they have no relationship with GOD, when a saved person sins it's covered up, fixed up, dressed up, or swept under the rug lest it becomes a "Scandal" to the church or body of believers they are attached to. This is why the Body of Christ cannot be repaired as it should or can be. If my hand sins, should I cast it away? If my feet sin should I chop it off? If my eye sin should I pluck it out? We do this to others! We cast them away, cut ties with them, stop speaking to them, shun them, and destroy them with our tongues. Words have Power! and the Tongue can be an unruly evil if not controlled or kept in check! These same sinners will one day come to Christ and possibly be the missing bone, joint, part, and/or tissue to repair a limb. The Harvest is ripe, but there are not many workers to work the fields to gather the wheat. So it continues to grow with the tare until GOD find those who are willing to work and bring in the Harvest to Him.

Jehovah witnesses are out and about in neighborhoods waking up the sleep, knocking on doors, disturbing the worldly peace in order to spread their message. Hold on! They are part of the Body, whether we want to acknowledge them or not. I'm doing my part in repairing the Body. You may not know what these post are doing until Christ reveals it to you so join the force.

Talk about it..

Dafe Smith Snr. An Entrepreneur, Relationship Coach, Minister & Author of the "The forgotten Vow".
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