Talk About It With Dafe: When Beauty Fades Away

The other day I was at sea-side, I saw two young couple walking slowing down the beach holding hands. It was obvious they were so in love. They simply radiate peace & serenity. Their eyes reflect the inner harmony. When they smile at each other, it is a look of trust, compassion & mutual admiration. Its a special relationship, one that is difficult to find but worth the search.

Passion can bind us & mislead us. The marriage bed can, & should be a place to indulge in exciting plays however many times we choose partners because they are physically appealing to us & then we find that there is no enough inner attraction to sustain us as they change. One thing about life is the great equalizer. The young become old. The beautiful becomes average & the smooth lines of youth gives way to the weathered look of experience.

If a relationship is based on physical attraction, what happens when physical beauty fades? What happens when the burning flames become little more than a glow? True love is stronger than that and can withstand the passage of time in fact, true love is a fine wine, growing sweeter as it ages. My Pastor, Sam Oye once said " Today, we allow the leafs of the person distract us from the fruits of the person." Your worth might not be known in a moment, but it will show in a crisis. Seek that the eyes of your understanding be enlighten.

Talk about it..

Dafe Smith Snr. An Entrepreneur, Relationship Coach, Minister & Author of the "The forgotten Vow".
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