Talk About It With Dafe: Why Me And Not You?

Why Me And Not You

I believe that we get what we give. I believe in the law of reciprocity as it pertains to relationships. It is no coincidence that mathematics-the language of science-encodes logic into a device called an EQUATION, which requires its elements to be equivalent on opposite sides of the argument.

Sir Isaac Newton captured the essence of natural balance when he codified the law of physics, which states that every action precipitates an equal & opposite reaction. Cause & effect: for every up there is a down; you get what you give eventually. If you want your husband to be " Mr Right," then you must first see that you are " Mrs Right." We must take responsibility for ourselves as well as for the relationship.

Our God loves us when we were yet unlovable, but don't be so foolish as to expect that from your husband/wife. God is God;human beings are human beings, although we are striving to be more God-like. I will please recommend that you allow the qualities you want in your husband to be found in your life. Perhaps you are so busy that you have failed to show your spouse the spontaneous affection & appreciation he/she needs yet you demand to receive same, its time to call yourself to order my friend.  

Talk about it...

Dafe Smith Snr. An Entrepreneur, Relationship Coach, Minister & Author of the "The forgotten Vow".

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