The 'Nods' and 'Knocks' Of Arinzo by Iyabo Ojo


This movie is undoubtedly interesting. Its a break from the norm. Promos took a bunch of the time though,maybe that's to make way for part two sha. Honestly,our promos are not like the foreign movies' trailers that makes us rush to the cinema.After watching all the promos,I don't feel like watching the movies again because I have tied the dots from the promo.
Anyway,that's not where am going. So,let's do a quick post-motem on ARINZO.


I doff my hat for Iyabo Ojo,the Producer who also doubles as the Location Manager.The houses are 'A' class building with beautiful and modern interior decos. Pass mark for that

It is evident that research was made before scripting the movie because the lines are relevant,short & professionally delivered. The language mix which portrays real life situation added spice to the movie and am sure will increase its audience base.Kudos to Sa'ad Lawal,the Script Writer & Dialogue Director. Another pass mark

The DOP cum the editor did a great work too. I love the part where we have two views on the screen.Picture quality is cinema worthy. Gbam!

OMG! Toyin Aimakhu is a fantastic actress.Binta Ayo Mogaji didn't take it easy at all. The diction of these two actors is on point.Every other casts acted impressively too.

Costumier,Lola Awe was on top of her job.She worked according to the Producer's preference I guess,because we all know Iyabo Ojo's fashion sense is high.


Sincerely,it was hard to notice any hitch in the movie but trust me,oh! I mean,trust my eyes.

Ayo Mogaji's 'black eyed peas' is too much.We know you want to show us she is old but that black thing you put around her eye appears to be too much.
The bullet makeup is also not tidy.I love the fact that you wanna show us that we can extract bullet from the body but the makeup didn't deliver your good intentions well.

Effects from gunshot fall short of our expectation.Yes,the guns were well carried but the effect of the bullet on Iyabo's Range Rover wasn't captured.Similarly,when Arinzo shot Doris,we only saw splash of blood,there was no mark on her body.

What's with the shoe Iyabo wore on her first appearance in the movie?That wasn't a good shoe for her type of character/role.It hindered her movement & it was easily spotted.

Soundtrack is wack.The voice isn't melodious at all.

We also spotted one or two errors in the subtitle (see pix).

Finally,am surprised nobody observed on set and even during post-production that the dolly movement reflected on the pillar(see pix above). I saw the cameraman and the dolly pusher live and direct on the tiles.Initially,I was impressed with the camera movement as it followed and captured Ayo Adesanya's arrival but........

We can't walk without shaking our ARINZO is tight,it's on point,it's fantastic and its recommended for massive viewing. We panel of judges, pardon those little mistakes.

Who is perfect? Kosi nau.
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