Update: Strange But True - Angels Seen Moving On The Wall In Lagos

If you didn't read my last post on this subject matter,you may quickly go back to view it so that you will understand where we are coming from.

I promised my readers I was going to visit the venue of the strange incidence myself to get first hand narration and view. Promise made - Promise kept. Please clap for me.

On friday,26th of July 2013,I arrived 37, Rev. Fatoke Street in Ajasa Estate via Command,Lagos State around 6pm. I got there in the company of two people to serve as witness.

I was introduced to the Prophetess in charge of the church by my point-man as a press guy. Without much ado,I was shown the video that was recorded when the angels appeared on the wall. I indeed saw the moving angels. I asked how the phone was able to record since all other phones crashed while to trying cover it. I was told that remains a mystery. Probably God just wanted them to have that as a proof. When I heard that,I couldn't bring out my camera. I don't want it to crash.

The Prophetess led the way to the room where the incidence happened. Only one of my people was allowed to enter,the other wasn't because of her gender.She may not be clean,said the Prophetess. Ladies and gentlemen,I saw with my two naked eyes the creatures on the wall. They have now remained there permanently. We saw four creatures. The first one appeared to be bowing down for the remaining three. It was indeed a 'wow' situation.

I learnt one of the Prophets who came to see this wonder felt electrocution when he touched the wall where the angel-like creatures are. This scared me as I stood a few steps away from the wall. The Prophetess in charge of the church,Mrs Margaret Olufunke Pakuta popularly known as Iya Eri Bamise, claimed her domain has been a cynosure of all eyes ranging from Christian Clerics to Islamic Clerics and even non-believers since it happened.

When asked the significance of this wonder,she explained that it is a proof that the host of heavens are present in her church and fully in support of her ministry. She likened it to what is available at 'Agelu' where a whole building is built as a sacred place where the spirit of God domicile. More or less like where the ark of covenant is usually kept according to the old testament of the Holy Bible.

Mrs Margaret confirmed how she tested the efficacy of the power that resides in the room when she prayed there for a woman who was about to be operated but delievered safely without Doctor's intervention,after been prepped for CS in the theatre room already.

I asked her that now that this has happened,what is the next step for her ministry.She answered that,she has to relocate to a spacious and beffiting site. She therefore seek the support of well meaning Nigerians who believe that God is truly the omnipotent, to assist in expanding her ministry. Land is required,building materials and musical instruments are equally needed,she said.

Finally,if there is anyone who wish to call her or visit the place for either prayer or confirmation,you can call 08034371095 or call me as well on 08107207329.

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  1. Abayomi oke!!! Ok oh. God is watching all of una

  2. Funds for expansion makes the whole story sounds planned
    God would expand his works without the d help of any human