Why Ladies Should Not Date Fine Guys

I don't expect you to agree with me. In fact,it won't stop some ladies from falling into a 'faworaja's trap. Don't be carried away by the looks,it may be deceptive.
Anyway,let's examine the reasons together.

1. Most fine guys don't have sense of reasoning, they are just shallow minded:
I guess a higher percentage of their brain,went to their looks.

2. Most fine guys are womanizers: this is as a result of too many admiration from the women folks.

3. For the fact that most of them are womanizers, it makes them cheats.

4. Most fine guys, just like the rich ones, do not have regard for ladies cos they have seen the pant colour of almost all in their area.

5. Most fine guys are carrying a curse, which was given to them by one of the numerous girls they must have broken their hearts.

6. Most womanizers, do not go far in life, and fine guys who are womanizers, are not excluded!!!


How una see am?
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