Zambian Man Bites Python That Tried To Kill Him

When going about your job, the last thing you'd expect is for a giant python to drop on your head. Yet it did happen to Kelvin Katoka from Zambia, who was driving an excavator near a copper mine in the North Western part of the country.

A rock python, Africa's largest snake, dropped onto him and started to strangle the 25-year old.

Katoka fought back, biting and kicking at the reptile. He then pulled out a small knife and stabbed the snake several times, all while realising he was losing consciousness, writes The Telegraph (UK).

The snake kept at it and Katoka said he could feel the saliva on his head as the python started to swallow him. Rock pythons are known to eat prey as large as wildebeest and crocodiles. Fortunately the fighting bought Katoka valuable time - two co-workers found him and killed the snake. Katoka was rushed to hospital, where he is still recovering.
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