James Bond In Nigeria - The Stowaway Story

Last weekend,a teenage boy named Ricky Daniel Ohikhena was said to have hidden inside the tyre compartment of an Arik plane on a flight from Benin to Lagos.

This stowaway whom his mother claimed is a gentle boy and doesn't have friends managed to beat both the airport and airline security to hid himself in the plane.

Passengers who saw the boy running towards the plane alerted the crew. According to one of the passengers,"we drew the attention of the crew that a person ran under the Aircraft as the Plane was taxing for take off, the pilot stopped suddenly, only to immediately take off. Most passengers who saw the boy under the Aircraft where shouting thinking the Aircraft may have killed the boy by colliding with him, the pilot and crew completely ignored all our concerns as if the boy's life was not worth it".

My Take:

Daniel's excessive movie watching habit might have given him a clue on how to perfect his plans.
According to his mum "My son answers Daniel in school and Ricky at home. He doesn't go out. What I know is that he is always watching films in the house but he doesn't have friends"

Daniel's loneliness at home doesn't make him dull,rather it sharpens his brain and gives him problem solving mind. If he can use his brain to beat trained and so called experienced security operatives to get on that plane,I think if judiciously utilized,Daniel can solve riddles for this country.

Let's take a look at it from another angle. It is possible Daniel has a helping hand. There might be an accomplice within the security agents who must have assisted in smuggling him in to the plane. Or how did he get to the runway in the first place? I wish we could get a footage. Or isn't there cameras at the airport?

Take a look at the picture again and tell me what you see. As for me, I saw a Nigerian smart kid been rough handled by security agents who needs Daniel as their Head of Strategy Department(if there is any)
Isn't it ironical that the 14 year old boy who eluded your team of experts at Benin Airport is now been rough handled in Lagos as if he is Shekau. Honestly,it is possible that this young lad may be given opportunity to sign autograph if it were to be in developed countries where talent and skill is cherished.

Now, as for the pilot of the Arik plane, what was he thinking? What if the guy were to be a suicide bomber? What if he died from the process? Why did the pilot stop and later took off again without getting the boy off the plane? These are questions begging for answers.

In my village,if a child gets missing and later found,the mother will be brought to the palace and given one 'kongo' of garri to drink as punishment for negligence. No doubt, the Benin mentality of "I must travel abroad" is evident in the boy's life because he later said he thought the plane was going to USA. I think the parent needs more counseling because they might have lost a son if not for God.

On a lighter note,please take note of the boy's name because it may turn out to be a million naira question one day. Who was the first person to travel by air without a ticket and without seating in the plane.

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  1. Hmmmm! Pally, let's look at it holistically, d level of poverty in this country is on d high side. If a boy of 14yrs,thinking of going abroad for greener pastures. Pally, our so called leaders hv so many questions to answer.