Romance Story In Projectfame Season 6.0

Projectfame season 6.0 is getting more interesting day by day. Now that BBA is off the screen,I think the next big reality TV show to watch now is PF.

House mates have gone from discussing how to sing well to discussing who dates who and who beefs who. The three major actors in this film are Simon(rasta fine boy),Immaculate(size XXL) and Nancy(Ghanaian jumpie)

Now to the main gist. Let me quickly tell you what you may not know about Simon and Immaculate. These two were once lovers before they joined PF academy. They broke up about a year and a half ago. They were both on Peak Talent Hunt Show 3. Simon is known to be a rough guy. Little wonder Kaffy referred to him as a tout. How far? Should I continue? I know you will say yes.

Anyway,on wednesday daily show,Uncle Ben asked if there is any house captain who have had issues with any house mate before. All of them claimed no except for Nancy,the wild card girl. Nancy said she's not comfortable with Immaculate attitude towards her most times. She feels because of her relationship with Simon,Immaculate tends to be reacting. While defending herself,the biggest girl in the competition burst into tears and started crying. I never knew she was that emotional.

Immaculate was forced to let everyone know that she was Simon's ex. A startling truth that threw me off balance. I hope you all know the Simon am talking about. Simon is pretty short and small compared to the size of his ex. I thought fat and big girls usually prefer slim and tall guys like my friend Damilola Banire revealed to me in her interview the other day. Simon must have taken a dose of his stuff before asking Immaculate out. Or didn't he see the obvious attributes of the lady? I don't know if you know that most A+ size ladies hardly say no to a guy's proposition because of the feeling that they may not see another guy who would ask them out again. That may be the situation Immaculate find herself in. Honestly I feel for her.

Please let's talk about Nancy. Apologies to all Ghanians reading this. Seriously,Nancy and Wande Coal,who is the blackest? That girl is charcoal (I don't need to use simile) plus the fact that she is not too pretty like that. That Simon self,I salute his courage. Mr. ANYTHING goes. Hiaaaa! Nancy claimed Immaculate used to be her favourite while she was still at home watching the show. But when she joined the academy,her favourite started seeing her as a rival. Really,which lady will be comfortable to see her ex in romance with another girl under the same roof? If Immaculate were to be dating Olawale or someone else with a small stature(her preference),she wouldn't have been that jealous.

Blessed are the peacemakers, Niniola and Blessing for they shall inherit......(Fill in the gap). Blessing is a married woman and has proven to be matured in her speech and attitude. I refer to her as OVERCONFIDENCE. She believes so much in her singing prowess anytime she performs. Niniola who calls herself Olawale's mum is also another elderly young lady in the academy. They both resolved the crises and I think they deserve commendation. One thing that made me laugh was Simon's question. He asked Immaculate if she still has any feelings for him. Immaculate chuckled and said "do you expect me to tell the whole world if I still have feelings for you" Hmnn....what an answer.

How long has Nancy stayed in the academy that she has started falling in love? Has PF turned to BBA? Or is this a strategy to attract and retain viewers? Was everything orchestrated? Which of the house mates may likely spring up a relationship? Will viewers vote out Nancy?

This is my story.

Yours in gossip
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  1. Srz ish oo.....anoda porn show in d

  2. Seriously I was really ashamed when simon opened his disgusting mouth to as Immagulate dat foolish question publickly and was very disapointed @ the lady's answer too!!! Sioor

  3. Anonymous,tnx 4 dropping ur comment.I wil aprc8 if u can just add ur name to ur comment for familiarity sake.