You Are Weak, Who Told You?

A man may be intimidated by a woman who is academically or economically superior to him. In many cases, it is not her larger income that challenges him; it is the fear that her superiority will change how she feels about him. He's afraid that her success will cause her to become condescending but the wise woman knows that academic or financial success doesn't make her a more superior wife.

A marriage is a partnership in which one person complements the other, one's strength compensates for the weakness in the other & vice versa. Unfortunately, many men still need to validate their masculinity through false images of virility because the society told them they are weak. Money, sex & power becomes the measuring sticks of strength. It is possible to have all three of these & still be a weak man even if you have more degrees than a thermometer, more money than a bank vault, if you lack the ability to be a partner in a storm, a soul mate in a time of desolation, you are nothing at all.

What good is a career if there is no one with whom to share your accomplishment? What good is money if you have no one to help you enjoy it? Sooner or later we ll learn the perils of being alone. My advise to a man who is married to career woman: applaud her strength & fill her voids. There is room at the top for a man in the life of a successful woman. To the woman I say, do not spend your life trying to prove to someone whom you love that you do not need him, because he just may believe you & walk away.

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