From Sababi To Stardom (II)

Today,I will be telling you about Dammy's rise to stardom through Sababi. Damilola Banire couldn't cope with a white collar job because of her sanguine temperament. She is restless,proactive and fun to be with. The 'over-seriousness' atmosphere of a banking hall wasn't too conducive for this young lady who later dumped the job to pursue her passion in event management and entertainment.
Dammy's entrepreneurial skill is one of a kind. She started off with Amiable Ushers,providing ushering services to clients. She managed well over 50 beautiful girls.

Movie producer,Gbenga Oyeyiga contacted Dammy to make available video vixens for a musical video shoot for a renowned female juju musician. It was on the set of this production that Bimbo Ogunsanya (who is skilled in discovering talent) identified Dammy's strength and decided to explore it. Dammy was given a lead role in Sababi alongside Gbenga Oyeyiga and Lateef Adetola. That single decision taken by Bimbo gave birth to the new Iya afin Onimiliki of Miliki Land.

In the same manner with Lateef's story, Dammy was invited for auditioning by Orisun TV boss,Kwame and she got the job to co-anchor Miliki Express with Kabiesi of Miliki Land,Lateef Adetola.

As we speak,Damilola presents three TV shows on Orisun - Miliki Express,Agba Oseere and Sinima Mewa. She was also hired by another production outfit to anchor Ewa Orin which is to be aired on DSTV.

The most interesting thing about Sababi is that,all the casts were initially popular in foreign countries than in Nigeria because it was only shown then on satellite stations. The good news now is,Sababi is currently running on Galaxy TV  every saturday by 6pm.

Damilola has not only succeeded in taking up more jobs in presentation only,her event management outfit (Dainty Events) has received an unprecedented boost since her popularity grew on TV. She now handles high net-worth individual's(HNI) event. She is currently one of the few famous female Compere/MC in Nigeria. She has healed emotional wounds with her comic style of presentation. She has received commendation from all leading artistes and celebrities she has interviewed.

The sky is her starting point. "I love my life and I love my job. I am grateful to God who made me come in contact with Mr. Bimbo Ogunsanya. He is God-sent" said Dammy.

Dammy - 290F0596, 08054484877
Bimbo - 08023138367

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  1. Fenkin GOD for ur lif gurl,more grace to ur elbow,uncle bimo ogunsanya kudos to u too,ma oga at d top.asiwaju oko mide,I sight u plenty bro.loy ya all

  2. Tanx 2 Mr bimbo 4 bringinging out d best in her(damilola banire)shes a blessing to her world n more power to u sis...

  3. I love her gan...CEO toh badt!!!!

  4. Ore mi too nautical, front eeh back eeh ooo mystical.. Make all those Oloju buruku wey dey look us from small with Bad eye come see us today ooooo .. Omo Banire the Sky is the begining jare Godbless ur hustle u are the bomb and thanks to Bimbo ogunsanya he is God sent indeed. Godbless ya

  5. Damilola is a bundle of talent, when it comes to talking you just can't get enough of her, I love being around her and I love watching her on Air, I know you're going places my dear, may God keep guiding your steps to the right places. Love you plenty dainty.

  6. @Kemi,@Seun,@Abisola, tnx ya'all for your comments.You can bookmark our site so you can easily access it for more juicy gists and stories.

  7. My GOD will continue to see u thru dear,wish u goodluck in life. From:Damilola Adegbite, To: Damilola Banire.

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