How To Know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

"Imagine Federal Government asked us to register our spouse electronically.After submitting the name of your girl or boyfriend,the machine rejects it with an error message that he or she has been registered before"

Have you come across the above statement on FB or BBM? What do you think of it? Actually it's someone's imagination and it goes to show how unfaithful we are in our relationships. An average Nigerian guy can boast of three to four girlfriends. Same thing applies to ladies too. Trust and love have suddenly become ghost words,they don't exist in real life.

As bad as it may look or sound,we still have some saints who are however preys of smart babes when it comes to relationship. A guy may be confident that he is the only SIM card in the girl's phone,yet oblivious of the fact that we now have triple SIM phones. For those guys who may be in this category,the following are signs and symptoms that you are not the only SIM in your babe's phone.

1 - She hardly request for money from you and she changes phones and gadgets like clothes. She's always among the first to use the latest stuffs. Honestly,you are just her homeboy.

2 - She hardly introduces you to her friends. And when she even does,she probably says "Yomi meet my friend,Tola. Tola meet Yomi"

3 - She rarely stays at home in the night. If you call her,she will tell you,she's studying with her friends or visited her cousin

3 - She travels a lot. And even sometimes,board airplanes. Walahi,you are dating your senior sister.

4 - She has too many uncles and cousins. Any guy you meet around her, she will tell you "he is my cousin" "he is my uncle"

5 -  She has only one or two female friends. 90% of her friends are male.

6 - She takes excuse to take some calls especially when you are with her.

7 -  She usually carries a very big handbag that can contain anything.

My dear brother,at the point where you want to register her name,you will receive a red flag that she has been registered before and probably 10 other guys have made attempt to register her but failed. Lol

If you agree or disagree with me,use the comment box.

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