I Can't Quit Acting Because of Sexual Harassment - Nollywood Actress Seyi Ashabi

Truly,she is an upcoming actress with a touch of distinction. She is gaining popularity almost everyday. Her new movie "Eja Nla" has become one of the most anticipated yoruba movie. Undoubtedly, Yoruba Nollywood is blessed with beautiful and talented actresses and one of these screen divas is Oluwaseyi Ashabi aka Shai Ashaby. With two(2) movies to her credit as a producer,Ashaby is determined to be the best in what she knows how to do best. Without much ado,let's meet Ashaby Eja Nla.

Asiwaju - Who is Ashaby?

Eja Nla - My names are Oluwaseyi Ashabi omo Edun aka Shai Ashaby Ajikawo Bentley EJa Nla. I'm a Producer/Actress/Designer. I'm from Ogun State.

Asiwaju - Tell us about your journey into showbiz

Eja Nla - It started 4years ago, I was introduced to House of wisdom Caucus by my younger sister. I trained for 2years and produced my first movie 'Ogo Olorun'.

Asiwaju - Some artistes claimed they joined the industry because of money,some because of fame. Why did you join the movie industry?

Eja Nla - I joined the industry because of my passion for acting. I love entertainment and being an Art student made it more easier for me.

Asiwaju - So if you make a loss from movie production,your passion will still keep you going?

Eja Nla - God forbid! And if it happens yes my passion will still keep me going. My first production didn't yield much for me, I didn't give up and still set the ball rolling because I believe in that saying "keep trying till you get what you want".

Asiwaju - What should we expect from your yet to be released movie?

Eja Nla - Eja Nla (Big fish) is an educating movie full of intrigues, suspense and it will definitely thrill the audience.

Asiwaju - When will it be released?

Eja Nla - Its coming to the cinema soon.

Asiwaju - As an actress,what's your selling point?

Eja Nla - I am unique in my own special way. I don't imitate others . I represent myself.

Asiwaju - Who is your role model?

Eja Nla - I don't really have a role model! Buh I have people I love their acting like Olori Bimbo Oshin, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson and Funke Akindele.

Asiwaju - Who is your favourite male actor?

Eja Nla - 'Dem' plenty oo. Muyiwa Ademola, Yomi Fash Lanso, Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo and Yinka Quadri.

Asiwaju - Which movie has ever made you shed tears?

Eja Nla - 'Ogo Olorun' my first movie.

Asiwaju - Was it while watching it or while acting?

Eja Nla - Its on set.

Asiwaju - Tell us what happened.

Eja Nla - I charged my father to court simply because he didn't allow me to marry the one I love. Eventually, I lost the only person I love to another lady and he was the one who de flowered me. In between, I got pregnant in the movie

Asiwaju - Any marriage plans for now?

Eja Nla - I don't want to say soon and something else comes up because man proposes! God disposes. All I can say is God will do it at the right time. I'm in a relationship.

Asiwaju - Can you marry someone from the industry?

Eja Nla - Huh! Hmmm......  No I can't.

Asiwaju - Why?

Eja Nla - No reason...I just can't.

Asiwaju - Have you even been harassed sexually in the industry?

Eja Nla - No

Asiwaju - What if it happens one day,how will you handle it?

Eja Nla - If it happens I will use my discretion in handling it.

Asiwaju - That means you can't quit even if it persist.

Eja Nla - No! Its only a challenge and its very easy to handle.

Asiwaju - What can make you quit acting?

Eja Nla - Quit? Until my Signature becomes an Autograph...quitting is not an option.

Asiwaju - What else do you do aside from acting?

Eja Nla - I'm a designer and I sell fabrics as well.

Asiwaju - Alright,thank you for your time.

Eja Nla - You welcome. Its my pleasure.
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  1. Oluwaseyimi, u will go placs in Jesus name. Shai Eja Nla! Omo Nla

  2. @Oluwarotimi,tnx 4 bn d 1st to comment.Ve a great day

  3. Seyi, I believe in your talent and I know it will take you to greater height in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Ur dreams will come 2 reality in d movie industry. Insha allah

  5. No doubt! She's jst herself. U r made more than conqueror. Go ahead nd do more exploits. We can't wait 4 d movie Eja nla 2be released. You're already an ambassador. #respect#

  6. Omolashabi Eja nla ti o common! I'm proud of u dear. The sky is ur starting point. God will elevate u. You will live long on earth to poclaim the words of God. U av always been humble, continue to be and God will lift u up soonest. Don't let ego take over when you get there. Stay blessed.

  7. Tumbs up The only Big Fish. No door shall b closed on ur way to success. Ur fans should expect more intriging, amazing, Educative, fascinating, anticipating movies from you. As For me i cant expect less that the best from you. Owo me waloke. Season film! won ni wo tan. Keep it up

  8. She sounds cool always tho....#Lucci

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  10. Hmmmm dats my baby!!! Miss ha so mush i'm speech less gal so hapy 4 u.

  11. Oluwaseyi Omo Edun pataki dats what I use to call her. I just want to say I'm proud of u. God bless u dear

  12. I use to know u as a very Hardworking and Gud Lady. Just want to ask u a question, some superstars feels top of the world when God brace them,Hope u will still continue ur interaction wit friends,fans nd family wen u bcum a super-star like the prayer I used to wish for u... Make sure u always wear smile to solved every1 around U. God be wit U ..Toyin-Gold.

  13. Go girlfrd. Im proud of u shai