"My Movie Is A Story To Beat...I Sold My Car To Pay For The Script" - Yomi Fash-Lanso

Nollywood Actor, Yomi Fash-Lanso has carved a niche for himself in the movie world. He has starred in several blockbuster movies including english soaps. His desire to produce an international standard movie has cost him his precious car. YFL is one of the few actors who have been acting for close to two decades now without producing a movie. There was a time he was banned by ANTP from acting because of his perceived rebellious act to the authority. Now that he is set to join the league of Nollywood Producers,what should we expect from him?

Asiwaju - How long have you been in the movie industry?

YFL - From 1995 till date

Asiwaju - Close to two decades. How has the journey been?

YFL - Splendid. Worth the journey.

Asiwaju - Which movie was your break?

YFL - Omolade by Jide Kosoko in 1995

Asiwaju - Did you study theatre arts or you had an informal training?

YFL - Both informal and formal training in acting,directing and producing.

Asiwaju - But you haven't produced any movie before?

YFL - That's what formal training will tell you. Not to be a bandwagon joiner but to master what you want to go into before venturing. And I think that is key.

Asiwaju - So we can assume you have mastered the art of producing now?

YFL - Well over 7 years ago with certificate to show for it. I had that course under outstanding film producers/directors in Nigeria.

Asiwaju - Like who and who?

YFL - Tunde Kelani,Tunji Bamishigbin etc

Asiwaju - So tell us about your new project

YFL - It is an eye opener story which mirrors the true life of we Africans. The value Africans place on Name and the extent they will go in protecting it. It is a story that will reposition Africans in the global eyes.

Asiwaju - We learnt its a multi-million naira project. How do you intend to fund it?

YFL - Yeah it's a huge project when you look at cost of building sets and renting equipments but by and large we believe through branding, advert placement and donations,we will achieve it. I need to sell my car to get the script done and some other sacrifices that have gone into the project because commitment and total believe in whatever you do is of essence.

Asiwaju - Has any organization,company or individual shown interest?

YFL - Discussion is on with some brands like Glo, MTN, Nigeria Breweries and Government Agency like Lagos State Ministry of Culture and Tourisms.

Asiwaju - Do you think your movie can stand in the league of box office movies like Maami,Figurine & the likes?

YFL - (Laughs) Much as I don't like to blow my own trumpet I will categorically say mine will be on a league of its own because these films you've mentioned are out already and I've watched them. Good films no doubt but mine will be another story to beat

Asiwaju - Who are the actors to watch out for in your movie?

YFL - We are looking inward to get qualitative and professional actors that are sale-able all over Nigeria and some African countries as well. Their names are under wrap for now.

Asiwaju - Alright. Your name appeared in the cast list for Tunde Kelani's "Dazzling Mirage" what should we expect in respect to your acting in the movie?

YFL - Nothing but the best as usual

Asiwaju - Some celebrities believe journalists & bloggers don't publish good news about them. Do you hold the same opinion?

YFL - Its a two edge sword. That's journalism but I believe every news should be constructive and factual. No news without authenticity else there's bound to be miscontrution.

Asiwaju - Thank u so much for your time. We wish you the best in your endeavour

YFL - Ase ooo
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  1. Yomi fash is still one of the best actor that i respected so much in the film industry. Wishing Him best of luck

  2. Thanks for taking time out to drop ur comment.

  3. Yomi is sure a gift to Nollywood and d world at large.Wish u more luck boss

  4. A very good and focused actor. One of d best in Nollywood. Hardworking, polished and and sleek. Kudos!

  5. Take him for his words, YFL is an icon in the movie industry and he is worth his onions.

  6. Just d best I will say

  7. Nothing but the best is what YFL will give,so sure of him, YFL is one of our very best in the industry..looking forward to the movie dude! Good job!!

  8. Talking abt a good actor,yomi fashlanso is one them... i have been watching his movies for years n if he still stick in despite the pros n cons of life n the industry. Then it means he is a Strongs man..kudos to u my brother..keepup a good job

  9. He is my best actor anytime, anyday.