Top 3 Single Female Artistes In Nigeria

Sometimes I feel some issues are over exaggerated and one of such is the marital status of some of our celebrities. Really 'wetin concern us' if they are married or not? You said "abi ooo". Am sorry I will shock you, because, right here and now,me and you will gossip about them. If we don't talk about them,who will? It's funny how celebrities will work hard to be popular only to be wearing sun shades later for people not to recognize them when they are now famous. You guys begged for attention and we must give it to you. Gbam!

So on my number three spot for the Top 3 Single Naija Female Artistes is City People Face of Nollywood 2013, Rita Dominic.
The AMAA 2012 Best Actress in a Leading role clocked 38 years in July this year. She was reported to have said "I will marry the man of my dreams" in one of her recent interview. She claimed to have been heart broken twice. Oh sorry swty.....just two times? But really,we can't wait.

Number two is Bimbo Akintola. This woman is one of my favourite Nollywood actress. She is too good. Many upcoming actress chose her as a role model in the make believe world not in other aspects tho. Bimbo, (I no even get respect) aunty Bimbo is 42 years old according to reports. In a recent interview,she said "I won't marry until I get the right man". She however said money is not a condition for her because her mum didn't marry her dad a rich man. So, emphasis is not on money. The 'Amazon' co-presenter is truly due for marriage according to yoruba culture but WHEN? is the question.

Topping the list is the last woman standing in the Celebrity edition of Gulder Ultimate Search. The one and only Weird MC.(Make some noise people) Sister Weird MC as she is called by her church members is 43 years old according to Wikipedia. "Marriage is sweet. But I need to work hard to make it real. I am still working on my music now. It has been keeping me very busy. The entertainment industry is full of challenges. One needs to work assiduously hard to excel. This has taken my time. I will settle down when the time reaches",she said. How long will it take to work on your music? I don't know if it is a joke but I read on twitter that Pastor T.B Joshua said ASUU strike won't end until you wed. That means millions of destiny is tied to your decision. Kindly help them abeg.

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Yours in gossip

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  1. Come marriage na by fuss?Is it a criteria for making haven?

  2. This ȋ̝̊̅§ really cool sir! I really enjoy the gossip.

  3. Marriage no be by force jare.But we mst to talk nau cos if we no talk we no go chop.