I Didn't Hit Anyone With My Car - Pasuma

Recently, I posted a gist on Pasuma's involvement in a murder mess. The fuji artiste has narrated his own side of the story.

In a statement made available through his manager, Afolabi Oyekoya, the singer denied killing anybody

The statement reads thus:

"On October 24th I had a show somewhere around idimu and as usual there were quite a lot of people there. After my performance I made for my car after settling the area boys with a large sum of money. Definitely, I had to zoom off because I didn't want them to mob me. I left the venue and drove straight to my house. Later that night, I heard someone was killed at the show. I was surprised because people don't fight at my shows. It was later explained to me that the young man was killed by policemen. I tried to get details of the incident and that was when I gathered that one of the boys hung on to my car before I drove off.

He was said to have fallen off and started running after my car for reasons I don't know. I didn't even notice anyone was running after my car. Simultaneously, the policemen were driving fast behind me to get more money from me and in the process the boy was knocked down by their vehicle. When the policemen caught up with me, I gave them Money and they turned back. As at that time I was not even aware something had happened and I drove off. Later that night, I was informed that a boy was killed by the policemen and my manager Afolabi Oyekoya has been trying to get in touch with the deceased family. If those that reported the incident, did actually visit the police station or hospital the boy was taken to, they would have found out the truth. The question is ,Did my car hit the boy? Did my car have any contact with the boy ? Was I even aware of anything ?

The policemen were said to have taken the boy to the hospital or their station and had communicated with the family. It was reported that the policemen were part of my convoy but the truth is they were never part of my convoy. I didn't go to the show with any security except my bodyguards. I feel comfortable around area boys or whatsoever you choose to call them, I have no reason to move around with policemen. I didn't hit anyone with my car, neither did any of my convoy . Where is the story coming from. I didn't want to make any press statement but have been forced to because it is obvious some bloggers are trying to make a mess of my name. Do we now live in a country where people believe they can just write something about you and get away with it. Hmmm !

If I was truly involved in a murder case I would have been invited to the police station for questioning . Have I been asked to write a report at the police station? Have I been arrested ? We are talking about someone's life here? My management AO21 Media have been making efforts to reach the family of the deceased not because we were involved in his death but because he was a fan of Pasuma wonder.
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