How To Avoid Breakup and Divorce

I have heard about many breakups in relationship. I have seen many cases of divorce in marriage. The first question that comes to my mind is "were they not in love in the first place?" How come things suddenly fell apart? How come abusive and vulgar words have suddenly replaced the sweet words that were usually traded between the love birds?

Now let me ask you, who should be blamed for issues in relationship? Who is usually responsible for the breakup and divorce (as the case may be)?  

Have you provided answers to these questions? So, let's continue.

On thursday 24th of April, I was at Federal Marriage Registry in Ikoyi to coordinate a client's wedding. In case you don't know, I am an event planner. We got there before 8am and the number available for us is 34. That means, my client is couple number 34 to be joined together. I was made to understand that not less than 100 couple will be joined together on that same day. Imagine if 100 couple get married at a single location every week,in a month,we will have 400 couple,in a year,we will have 4,800.

Please note that Ikoyi is not the only registry in Lagos or even in Nigeria,though,it is the most patronized. Just recently, Gombe State conducted a mass wedding for over 700 couple. Last year, Kano did the same thing.

So,if two people agreed to live together for the rest of their lives,why should they agree at a point to quit?

Pastor Moses Ohuneniese of Youth Mega Church,Sango Ota identified a cause for breakups and divorces.
He said, "most times young people fail to follow the ladder of relationship in the right order. Usually,they skip some steps and suddenly jump to the last". What then are these steps or level of relationship?
Levels of Relationship according to Pastor Moses
1. Acquaintance
2. Casual
3. Close
4. Intimate

In a nutshell,what this implies is that,young people should build a relationship from just a friend to a spouse. By so doing,you will find yourself getting married to your best friend. Someone you can boldly say you know virtually everything about. Someone you can tolerate. Someone you will love for the rest of your life.

Guess what? As I am writing this,my wife just offended me and I am hurt inside. She's begging me and showing remorse. It will be unwise of me to still bottle things up in my mind against her. Why? Because,she's my best friend. If I quarrel with her,who will I play with? So,I have forgiven her. I think that is love. Or what do you think?

Finally,let me use this opportunity to wish Wale and Tosin (now Mr. & Mrs WaleTosin Adeboye) a blissful marriage. Welcome to our world. #winks

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