Nollywood Actresses and Their Crime Inclined Husbands

There is an alarming trend amongst our female artistes. Most of the ladies prefer to date and marry foreign based men. Most of the times,importance is not attached to the marital status of the man; as we usually find out that these men are not absolutely single.

Marital status is not the only factor that is jettisioned, the legitimacy of the occupation/profession of the male suitor is usually discarded by these desperate ladies. It is believed that they are enticed by the opulence of these UK or US based men and also the possibility of getting an American (for example) citizenship through their relationship with these men.

So,in a bid to achieve their goal,they throw caution to the wind while they make hasty preparation for marriage. A kogi-born actress actually did a low key wedding in US to a man whom we later found out has spent some time in a prison. Even after their marriage,news went viral that the man was involved in another criminal activity.

The question is; must you marry a foreign based big boy.
I can't but give kudos to a young female actor who got married to an equally young person like her who people even believed is lower in status to her. Such marriage is expected to last because the lady has shown an incredible humility compared to her colleagues who prefer big 'alhajis','chiefs' and all sort of big boys whose hands are not entirely clean.

My piece of advice: Don't bite more than what you can chew. Slow and steady wins the race. Your talent is enough to make you big. I am not one of those who derives joy in writing about your crashed marriages or your ill-fated ordeals. So take my little piece of advice. Ko ju be lo.

Note: I no mention names bcos I kno say you sabi those wey I dey talk about. And if you no know them,send me mail. I go yarn you.
(I deliberately used my pix as the caption pix)

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