#Chibokgirls - Patience Jonathan Weeps - Watch Video

I don't know how best to describe this. Embarrassing? Maybe?

But sincerely,what is wrong with our first lady?

Is this a cheap calculated attempt to attract sympathy or what? As far as I am concerned,she has only succeeded in ridiculing the entire nation called Nigeria in the eyes of the global world.

Her poise level is pathetic,her grammar is poor,her gestures are uncivilized. In fact,it was a disaster.

My people,don't forget that Madam Jonathan and her husband didn't act as if the kidnap saga is a serious issue not until protesters took to the streets even in diaspora. President raised a committee one week after the incidence occurred. Mama peace set up her own panel lately too;only to ridicule her office and the presidency as a whole with her uncoordinated speech and action.

I think it is high time we gave willing and capable minds the opportunity to serve this country. We can't afford to be ruled by ill-prepared and gullible leaders. Those who accidentally get into leadership position will accidentally commit accidental errors.

2015 is near.

Watch the video here: http://t.co/Bt2lX8hixO
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