Who is Making Jonathan's Government 'Ungovernable'?


1. ASUP has been on strike and students, both Christians and Muslims, Northerners and Southerners have been at home for about a year now, yet president Jonathan doesn't care. Who is making this government "ungovernable"?

2. The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, who was solely appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan murdered about 20 young Nigerians gruesomely, after extorting about a billion naira from them in a fraudulent recruitment exercise, yet President Goodluck Jonathan refused to sack him. Who is actually making Jonathan's government "ungovernable"?

3. For over 9 months, President Jonathan's village in Ogbia LGA has been in darkness for lack of power supply, yet President Jonathan could not maintain or repair power facilities in his town. Who is actually making Jonathan's government "ungovernable"?

4. The construction of the East-West road which is the only access road to Jonathan's state has been severely stalled by corruption and embezzlement for several years. Who is actually making Jonathan's government "ungovernable"?

5. Mrs Diezani Allison now dips hands into the nations treasury and collect billions of naira to run his family and maintain private jets, after carting away with billions of dollars from NNPC as kerosene subsidy that was suspended since the days of Yar'dua without budget appropriation, yet she is seen around with Jonathan dancing and "miliki". Still in the government grandstanding.  Who is actually making Jonathan's government "ungovernable"?

6. Boko harram has turned Nigerians to slaves and suya meat, yet they are in Jonathan's government and he knows them, but will not expose them and bring them to book.
Who is making Jonathan's government "ungovernable"?.

Please don't join those who believe Northerners are frustrating Jonathan's effort. Don't forget that he empowered more Northerners than Southerners politically. Check the names of his allies and advisers,they are dominantly Northerners.

I am tired of alibi as governance. I don't know about you.
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