Movie Premiere or Owanbe?

Two things may happen after reading this piece. Nos 1 - Yoruba Nollywood film makers will ensure invites don't get to me for their Movie Premiere. 2 -  They will change from hosting an owanbe party in the name of a movie premiere to a real premiere.

Honestly,I have not attended Hollywood movie premieres but I have seen several on TV. All thanks to DSTV. I have also attended Nollywood movie premiere here in Nigeria. I mean english movies. Let's picture this together.
High-intensity searchlights criss-cross the night sky. Movie stars arrive in stretch limousines in front of the theatre, to the applause of an adoring crowd. TV reporters interview stars, while photographers shoot photos of the celebrities on the red carpet, before they go inside to watch the film... It's quite a sight. And a quintessential Hollywood experience. My people,no be so?

Now what is actually a Movie Premiere?

According to Wiki, A premiere is the first public performance of a work, such as theater work, film, dance, or musical composition.
A movie premiere is actually a meeting point for the STARS and the public. The public gets to see their screen gods one on one with expectations of taking snap shot with them or even getting an autograph.
Most times,other celebs who are not in the movie usually show up to support their friends. These glittering premieres provide a rare chance to see numerous stars in person at a single event.

The question is; where do we get it wrong in Nollywood especially Yoruba genre?

ASO-EBI: No doubt, Aso-Ebi is synonymous with yoruba tribe's event. But, movie premiere is not like every other event. The need for Aso-Ebi is absolutely ridiculous. Some will even tag the Aso-Ebi as the invite for the movie premiere. Where did you learn that from?

PERFORMANCE BY FUJI ARTISTES: Sincerely, this is another absurd thing I noticed. Most of the female movie producers now compete with the caliber of musician that performs at their premiere. I think it is better you tag the event - Launching or which name sef?...than calling it a Movie Premiere? If Saheed Osupa performs at Miss A's movie premiere,I will have to invite Saheed Irawo for mine. What for? The truth is,an after-party is permitted for a movie premiere. However,the basic thing has to be done first.

CHOICE OF VENUE: Most of the movie premieres organized by yoruba film makers usually takes place in an event centre. The ideal venue for a movie premiere is a Theatre or a theatre-like place. The primary objective is for attendees to watch the movie and not to come and dine and wine. I attended a movie premiere about three years ago. A senior popular fuji musician was almost serving food to the guests in attendance. He was greeting people from table to table. When it was about time to watch the movie,technical challenges was experienced. It was in our presence that they were fixing the projector and the screen. "Won fi ete si le,won pa lapalapa" - Yoruba Proverb. Don't ask me for the meaning.

What do we want to see at a Movie Premiere?

Glamour: Yes glamour and I mean it. I was at Ozone cinemas for a movie premiere sometimes last year. I spent more time outside than inside. I actually want to see the stars' cars. I want to see what they are wearing. I want to see their spouses (if they come with them). Like I said,movie premieres are great avenues for the public to meet their superstars. We want to have a wow feeling after the event. We want our stars to relate with us. Wave at us. Blow us kisses. Such things has the capacity to melt our heart. Unfortunately,here in Nigeria,our so called stars will focus on themselves. Hugging and exchanging greetings with one another to the detriment of their fans.

Finally,movie premieres should be treated like a movie premiere as it is done all over the world. Don't call it a premiere and you start serving food. I once attended a premiere,even the food they were sharing didn't get to me. I left angrily. Nobody missed me though. If you want to do Owanbe,call it another name. E.g "Asiwaju Hosts Friends & Fans". You may now use the opportunity to project your new movie and sell yourself as a brand. You can invite all the fuji artistes in Lagos for such event. You can also release a video of the event after the event for us to buy. We understand it is 'oro aje'.
I hope with these few points of mine,I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that Movie Premiere should not be treated like 'owanbe' parties.

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  1. StOry, did they force u to go?? is nollywood hollywood? mr blogger this is Nigeria. When they say movie premiere they also include launching wit it. Go back to the invitatiom cards of the ones u claimed u attended. Thank me later,

  2. Bloggers gossip,make correction,fact find, nd I think that's wat he his doin " Mr I sabi" Nigeria don't ve 2 deviate frm d standard ,A movie premiere,shudnt be done like its a Naming ceremony..... Let's form coup n change it frm our eNd