Psalmstar Artville Stages Ola Rotimi's Play "GRIP AM" in Ota

Stage play in Nigeria is said to be loosing its popularity as other medium of entertainment are beginning to gain massive patronage than theatre.
However,in recent times,some stakeholders in the world of art and theatre are making frantic efforts in reviving the moribund stage play. One of these new generation change agent is Adeoluwa Jolaosho,a Theatre Art product of University of Nigeria Nsukka.
On sunday 29th of June,2014,Adeoluwa directed a stage play titled "GRIP AM" written by Ola Rotimi in Ota. It was staged at Bezer Hall,Dalemo -Ota for N1,000. Though,the turnout was low,the producer is optimistic that subsequent shows will attract massive audience.

ISE, a poor and hardworking farmer, has his self-subsistence philosophy outrageously questioned by his cantankerous wife, ASO, who never stops reminding him that he would die a wretched man. Ise's woes are aggravated by the incessant and calculated attacks on his only treasured orange tree by unidentified neighbours, and the house-rent clamour by the political landlord.

Events take a different turn when, in the midst of a quarrel with his wife, an ANGEL appears with a message of peace from  GOD, saying God had answered their prayers, and had sent him to give them one power each over their utmost desire. To Ise, it's payback time for the assaults on his orange. Aso's target is her husband who she believes has imposed poverty on her. Her sole request is for DEATH to kill her husband...

ISE's request is that whoever he catches on his orange-tree, when he says 'GRIP AM', the person should remain glued to the tree till he pardons the victim. With this power, Ise purges the landlord's corruption and also conquers Death whom Aso has requested to take his husband's life.

There is no doubt that both the process and purpose of mounting a theatrical production have been altered over the years particularly with the advent of internet and other electronic entertainment media.
Saint Psalmstar Artville is however committed to not just bringing back on stage theatre but also promoting literary works in Ota.

Abayomi Oke - Ise
Tinu Ezekiel - Aso
Jerry Onyesom - Oro(Landlord)
Mayowa Ogunbiyi - Oye (Wise man)
Victor - Angel
Blessing - Temidun
Sola Toriola - Die(Iku)
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