Why We Teach Sex Education in My Church - Pastor Moses

To be a Pastor in a Youth Church could be interesting and at the same time challenging. For Pastor Moses of RCCG Youth Mega Church,Sango Ota,environment plays a major role in shaping the mindset of youths. In this exclusive interview with the Publisher of Otta News Monthly and Asiwaju,Pastor Moses explains why he teaches sex education in his church. Enjoy the excerpts.

Let us meet you sir.

My name is Moses Ohuneniese,I grew up in Kaduna with my parents. I schooled in Kaduna Poly and later proceeded to National Open University for my degree program. I currently Pastor the first Youth Church in Ota.

How did you become a Pastor?

Right from when I was still a kid,I usually see myself preaching in my dreams. When I clocked 17 years,a lady prophet told me I should get prepared for God's work. I actually fought with that prophecy over my life because I was experiencing boom financially and therefore see no reason to derail by becoming a Pastor. However,as I grew up,I received the calling myself and when I was totally convinced,I yielded. I was born and brought up in CAC (Christ Apostolic Church) but later crossed to Winners Chapel where I worshiped for about eight years and became a cell leader. I also attended Christ Embassy for about a year with the aim of under studying Pastor Chris whom I see as a great evangelist. I believed I could learn one or two things from him and I must confess I did.

Tell us more. Especially how you became a Youth Pastor.

(Smiles) Okay. In 2007, I became a Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God and was posted as a missionary to a mission field in Ijaba village via Iyesi-Ota. So,I started as a village Pastor (Laughs). I was there for about three and a half years before the current Pastor in charge of Ogun 3 Province, our daddy in the Lord, Pastor Daniel Adeleye who just resumed office then transfered me to Youth Mega Church,Celebration Chapel,Sango Ota. The man of God saw me leading a prayer session at a programme in the Province headquarters and I think he was impressed. He asked where I pastor and was told 'Ijaba'. That was how he facilitated my transfer to the first Youth Church under Ogun 3 Province. Though, we are currently under Ogun 10 Province.

Share with us your experience so far as a Youth Pastor.

Uhmnnn. It's been quite interesting and at the same time challenging. Above all, I give glory to God. When I joined the Youth Church,the attendance was about 40 to 45. As at today, we have about 150 to 160 regular congregation. But I must confess that I am not satisfied. As a youth church,it won't be out of place if our attendance is above 300 or close to 500.

What is now the challenge?

God bless you. I think I have been able to identify some reasons. Number one, most young people in this part of the world, I mean Otta, don't see a need to attend a youth church. The parents are also not helping matters. They would rather take their children along with them to the adult churches where they feel they could be monitored. As far as I am concerned,its a function of mindset which is also traceable to environmental factor. In the same vein,people in this environment have a distorted perception of who a Pastor is. They believe a Pastor should be an elderly man. Someone like you now(referring to the Publisher of Otta News) will be seen more like a pastor because of your age and your status as a father than this young man(referring to me). In this environment again, they have a wrong perception of how a Pastor should look like. Most Pastors here(Otta) don't pay attention to what they wear. They believe a Pastor should be heaven conscious and therefore shun fashion. So,if you dress well,they see you as been canal and someone who they will not want to be under his ministry. And am not ready to dress the way these other people are dressing so that I can be seen as a man of God. I believe with time, their orientation will change.

What should be the age bracket of Youths?

I think anyone under forty years of age should be in a youth church. When you are above forty,you may attend an adult church. If we have adults who are over forty years,we won't tell them to leave. Most youths here left their former churches to join us here because they claimed they are not benefiting from the sermon there. The sermon isn't youth-oriented. And I think that's the same reason some churches like Daystar have quite a larger number of youths as congregation. I believe with time,we would be able to transform the thinking pattern of the residents here. Slow progress they say is better than no progress.

Talking about progress,how would you rate your church's growth?

Honestly, God has been faithful. Though,as a person,I still want more. But talking about growth of the church,it is evident in the lives of the members. Our members are flourishing spiritually,financially and socially. In this year alone,four cars have been dedicated. Some members have bought their landed properties. Some traveled abroad for education and work purposes. There is a prophecy of ten weddings this year and we've had four. We have had testimonies of employment and admission into tertiary institutions. Let me say at this point that we usually have fluctuating attendance growth when some of our youths are in school. In all fairness, we can't but thank God for what he has done for us in Youth Mega Church. As we speak today,this church has become a pace setter in Otta. We usually receive guests from some new churches who come to observe and learn from us. We have been able to raise excellent youths who have become role models in places where they work or school. In April, we held a Dinner & Award programme. The event was adjudged by attendees as the first of its kind in Otta and its environs. Honestly,we are achieving significant development but like I said earlier,I believe more still needs to be done.

Have you had a case of any parent or parents of your church members appreciating you or sharing testimony of how the lives of their child(ren) has been transformed due to the impact made by your church?

Sure. There was a time a woman came to the church to share testimony over the lives of her two sons who attend our church. To the glory of God,one of the boys is now abroad and the younger one is now a resourceful person in the church and even in the society. I have received gratitudes personally from many parents and guardians. The truth is, as a youth church,we have been able to instill good morals, discipline and holiness into the lives of our members through the instrumentality of the word of God and faith-based social programmes. For example, every last sunday of the month,we hold a Singles & Married programme tagged Singles' Connect. As a youth church, we can't afford to be silent on issues that has to do with relationship and marriage. We discovered that most parents are disconnected from their children especially when it comes to addressing issues that has to do with sex with them. If these young people are fed with the right information,the tendency that they will be misled by friends and the society will be low.
So as a church,we are bound to promote moral and discipline into our youths. Imagine if the family gets it right and the church equally does,it will tell on the society.

What would you like to be known for?

I want to be known as a transformation agent. A transformer of lives. An advocate of change.

What is your vision for the youth church?

My vision is to raise excellent youths who will change their world positively. In this environment,young adults mindset has been polluted. There is the need for re-orientation. Lagos is what it is today because of the people there,Otta is what it is today because of how people see it. Our proximity to Lagos should even be an advantage in the way we think and act. In a nutshell,I want to raise change agents. We shouldn't just be christians by the tie or beret we use,we should be making positive impact.

Are you married?



To be continued.....(Get the August Edition of Otta News Monthly for the rest of the interview)

NB: Pastor Moses is the Parish Pastor of RCCG Youth Mega Church,Celebration Chapel,Sango Ota.
Contact: 08131514479, 08057922540
Facebook: Moses Ohuns Ohuneniese
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