NYSC Batch B Members MUST Read This

As NYSC Batch B Members prepare to enter camp from Tuesday, 5th of August,its imperative for them to be aware of the stuffs they would need in camp.

Below are some of the things you will need to go with to the camp.

1. CALL UP LETTER: This document is as essential as your presence. If you get to camp without your Call-Up letter,you are apparently not a corper. It is better to forget your luggage than to forget this vital document. Please do not laminate your call-up letter.

2. PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS: Ensure you have photocopies of all your documents on excess. Its not as if there won't be photocopy machine at the Maami Market in camp;but doing it from home will save time and cost.
Documents to be photocopied include:
Statement of Result(Go with the original as well)
School ID Card or TO WHOM letters

3. PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH: You may have to go with nothing less than 12. There are photographers in camp but their price will be double the original cost because they know you don't have a choice.

4. STATIONERY: BIRO, PAPER, GLUE, AND STAPLER : If you have all these with you,it will save you time and unnecessary begging.

5. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS : This is an essential outfit in camp. It is usually the only cloth allowed to be worn throughout your stay in camp. You would be given two pairs of white t-shirts in camp but trust me you would need extra. So,buy the Lux 3-in-1 shirt. I think its about N1,500. Don't bother to come with more than 2 colored clothes because you will not wear them except on sundays only.

6. WHITE SHORTS: The truth is,you will be given 2 pairs of shorts at the camp. However,the shorts are poorly sown and therefore prone to tearing. So,get yourself 'okrika' at Yaba or Super (for Lagos corpers).
If you have passion for washing clothes,come with two but if you don't,(like me) buy four.

7. PLAIN WHITE SNEAKERS/TENNIS SHOES: This is a very important outfit. You would also be given a pair of low quality tennis shoes customized for NYSC. Its either you are not given your size or after the first wash,it starts tearing. So, remember to buy yours.
Most of these things are sold at the camp but the cost may tear your pocket.

8. WHITE SOCKS: Endeavour to get extra pairs to complement the two pairs that will be given to you.

9. A PAIR OF SLIPPERS: Except you intend to borrow or steal, you would definitely need this too.

10. DETTOL: If you care about your personal hygiene,this is one essential item you can't afford not to have. Ladies should attach importance to this except you want to go back home with infections.

11. MOSQUITO NET: Please this is also very important. Remember to go with the accessories too. You are not going to your family house,so don't expect people to be friendly with you by assisting you with almost everything you need.

12. OTHERS: Towel, bed sheets, pillow case and a pillow will also be needed.

13. NOVEL:For those who get bored easily, please carry some. Go with your IPOD and MP3 as well.

14. CASH: Extremely important. You would need between N15,000 to N20,000 for the extravagant spenders and for those that can manage say N10,000 to N15,000. Budget N1,000 per day for your expenses on food,recharge cards,charging of phones and rechargeable lantern,pleasures e.t.c. You won't be allowed to leave camp,so your money must be with you. You may however go with your DEBIT card in case your camp has a machine.

15. TORCH LIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: Like a typical town in Nigeria,most camps have epileptic power supply. You would definitely need your torch light in the night and early in the morning when preparing for morning drills.

16. ANALGESIC & SPECIAL DRUGS: Go with pain relief  drugs like Panadol or Paracetamol. If you have special drugs for special ailment,don't forget to go with it. There is a clinic in camp but don't trust them. Remember,you are in Nigeria where any body can go on strike.

17. PADLOCKS: Where you have children of God,there will be offspring of devil as well. Ensure you lock your bag and please don't go with your laptop if you can avoid using it there. They steal in girl's hostel let alone guy's hostel.

18. TOILETRIES & SANITARY PADS: Ladies should ensure.

19. FOOD FLASK, CUTLERRIES AND CUP: If I were you,I would go with these stuffs.


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