Exclusive: Adebayo Tijani and Bimbo Ogunsanya Comment on Most Promising Actor of The Year

The rise of Lateef Adetola Adedimeji aka Osu to stardom didn't come overnight. Just like how a gold is refined,Lateef's success story would be incomplete without mentioning the goldsmith who transformed him from a crude actor to an admirable showbiz personality.
Following his recent achievement, I interviewed two major filmmakers who have contributed significantly to the elevated status of the humble and talented screen star. Read Most Promising Actor of the Year

Adebayo Tijani - The AMAA award winning movie maker directed most of the movies Lateef featured in. Bayo Tijani who won City People Entertainment Award as Best Director 2014 is famous for films like Aja,Eyinju Eledumare,Apesin,Kajola,Kudi Klepto,Temi Nikan etc.

Enjoy this!

Q - Sir,can we talk
Bayo Tijani in Berlin with Afeez Eniola
A - Yes my brother.
Q - It appears you are not in the country.
A - I am currently in Germany with some other colleagues.
Q - To shoot movie?
A - Not really. Let's say leisure. Just to relax and probably learn new things.
Q - That's good. Are you aware that Lateef recently won Most Promising Actor of the Year?
A - Yes. It's a good news
Q - What's your take on this development
A - I have always known that he will make us proud. Lateef deserves the award. He is hard working,focused and dedicated. I am so happy for him.
Q - Any advise for him?
A - He should remember it's God that has brought him this far,he should continue to be close to Him. He should also remain humble and continue to work hard. He should remember that the reward for hard work is not just award but more work. I wish him the best.
Q - Thank you for your time and bring something for the boys.
A - No wahala brother mi. Lol!

Bimbo Ogunsanya and Wole Ojo
Bimbo Ogunsanya - He is popularly known as Mr. Sababi. He produced and directed the soap opera which was aired on satellite and domestic stations between 2011 and 2013. He has received several awards mostly international for his short films and documentaries. He used to be the producer and director of Miliki Express on Orisun TV where he gave Lateef a life time opportunity of becoming a TV presenter. As a cinematographer,Bimbo co-shot Maami by Tunde Kelani,Eti Keta by Saheed Balogun,shot and directed Anjola by Sophie Ejiga. He has offered his skill on MTN Projectfame, Etisalat Nigerian Idol and also consults for Mnet.

Q - I know you are a busy man but can I disturb you for some minutes?
A - (Lols) No problem Asiwaju
Q - I overheard you are working on your own movie
A - As a matter of fact, it is not just one movie. However,it is one after the other.
Q - What should we be expecting?
A - Best crew,best casts,best equipment and uncommon story line.
Q - We trust you. Your boy,Lateef just bagged Most Promising Actor of the year,what's your comment?
A - Number one,I want to thank God for his life. Number two,I am so delighted that the raw talent I saw some years ago has grown to become an adorable finished product.
Q - Lateef once told us how you gave him a major role to play in your production titled Sababi. Why did you take that risk?
A - Don't you think it has turned out to be a rewarding risk. Honestly,I won't stop taking such risk if risk is what you call it. There are so many ripe but untapped talent out there. If we don't give them the platform now,how will they succeed us. Will there be continuity in Nollywood? To the glory of God,I was tutored and mentored by the best in the industry - Tunde Kelani and Tade Ogidan. If they had not given people like us opportunity,maybe the likes of Lateef wouldn't have recorded such feat he achieved.
Q - So are you saying movie makers should be using new and upcoming faces in their movies.
Makeup artiste working on Lateef
A - Yes,I am saying let's develop talent. Let's reward creativity as well. 75% of the casts in Sababi are new and upcoming artistes. If I can take that risk,I will encourage my other colleagues to also try it out. Lateef played lead role alongside Dami Banire in Sababi. Read From Sababi to Stardom Dami today has become screen queen. Let me tell you this exclusively;the duo will be playing lead roles again in my new projects. So,watch out for them.
Q - Hmnnnn. Any advice for him?
A - He should continue to remain relevant in the industry. When he gets to the top fully,he should remember to help the upcoming ones as well.
Q - Thank you sir. I hope I will get to feature in your new projects.
A - Sure! Your script will be sent to you soon.
Q - Yipee! Thanks for your time
A - You are welcome.

So,now that I have stylishly gotten a movie role for myself, you guys should watch out for Mr. Talkative. #winks.
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  1. Very insightful, I was part of sababii too and can't forget the location really fast, I was told of Lateef and we connected, I invited him for my production and he was outstanding, we both acted on my production for Africa magic, ever since we've been like brothers, even when I left the country, we talk regularly, I always call him my brother from another mother, I endorsed him to succeed me on my local station on mitv as Mr kogberegbe for some months, he did really well. I can't wait to bring him over here to USA for my international project with a well known production studio in NY city. Finally, I wish him all the best, and like I av always said to him, with prayers and dedications, sky is not our limit.