Different Types of People You Meet in The Banking Hall

(1) The Pen Borrowers: They are always in the bank,looking for someone to borrow them pen. 'Dem no dey get pen'. These people are very dangerous, once u borrow them the pen,u will find it difficult to
identify them. So,once someone tells u "can I have ur pen" Believe me bros,that is the last time u will see that Pen (except u are lucky).

(2)  I Dey Your Back Team: Immediately they enter the bank, even before taking d slips (withdrawal or deposit) all they do is to know the last person and u hear them saying, I am at ur back. If care is not taking 8 people can tell u "I dey ur
back", then at the end of the day, they cause confusion (na me dey hin back, I don tell am! I was here before u blah blah)

(3)  The No Protocol Team: These kind of people don't obey the first come, first serve slogan, they are mouthed in the bank. Immediately they come in, they just walk up to the cashier or manager,who will ask them to sit down and within 5 mins they have completed there transactions while u still dey dere dey look like mumu for queue.

(4)  The Bank Door Rejects: These people will always have a problem with the bank door, u will see dem removing their belts,car keys, mobile phones e.t.c, and yet the machine keeps shouting "pls go back" My bros next time,come to bank naked. # LOL!

(5)  The Slip Wasters: These kind of people can waste slip in the banking hall just to fill the withdrawal slip or deposit slip. Na jamb
questions? You see them canceling, tearing, squeezing and taking another one. Even the so called undergraduates are found wanting in this scenario.

(6) The Exile Men: These people usually behave like dem no dey this world since 2 years. They will always ask for today's date, even after telling them the correct date. They will ask someone else again. I tire for these people.

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