I Slept With all The Male Teachers in my School - Linda Confesses

My name is Linda, I've been keeping my testimony till Sunday to tell you all. I am 24yrs old and right from SS1 I slept with all the male teachers in my school, I cannot stand a day without s*x, I even slept with my uncle. Any day without s*x I'll fall sick. I used to go to clubs get drunk and have s*x with many guys, I'll log-on to 2go/whatsapp
looking for men that will have sex with me!
Its not about the money, my mom is a
medical doctor and my dad is a pastor, I even remember when I tried to forced my own brother to have sex with me, I know when I was 16yrs old (JSS3) I insulted an old woman in my street and she told me "you will sleep with boys till you grow old" and since then this kept on happening, my whole family were ashamed of me. I even started smoking and coming home late.

I was bored one day and was looking for anybody that will sleep with me. I saw some Romantic stories posted on NAIJAZOOM.COM. I entered the site and updated a status with "any boy around calabar south should call me" I put my number and a guy started calling me, I added him on Facebook and he started preaching to me telling me to change and all that, he then came to my house and I tried to seduce him but he resisted and he decided to take me to his church, he is among the church choir. I told him about my sexual problem and he then talked with the pastors and they conducted a deliverance for me and prayed for me, I felt a strong force around my private parts and I urinated on my skirt.

Since then its been two months now I've not had Sex with anyone and I'm living happy with my boyfriend and we are planning on our marriage. I'm currently doing my NYSC programme. God has rescued me and changed my life for good.

That same God will help someone today
reading this story, your story will change for good in the name of God, Anybody that you've wronged and has planted an evil curse on You, that Curse is lifted in Jesus name. You shall move forward and succeed
among all your colleagues. - Linda (not Ikeji)
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