Top 5 Nollywood Actresses Who Dumped Christianity For Islam

1. Liz Da Silva
Liz Da Silva converted to Islam after she gave birth to Roheem whose father is apparently a muslim. She has since adopted Aishat as her muslim name.

2. Moji Olaiya
Moji Olaiya is the famous Nigerian singer Victor Olaiya's daughter. Moji now practices Islam as a religion. In her words,"Honestly, Islam is a peaceful religion. The aspect I love most is that you don't need any pastor to get closer to God. You don't really need anybody to pray for you. You can always pray on your own and Almighty Allah will answer your prayer without any intermediary. I have been doing that since I became a Muslim and it has always worked for me."

3. Vivian Metchie aka Fareedah
This  Nollywood star was born to a Catholic father and a Deeper Life Mother. Then she married a man who was a member of the Redeemed Church. Due to religious confusion, Vivian left Christianity and converted to Islam. She confessed that: "It is a personal decision. I understand the Koran more than the bible… I was probably looking for peace. Yeah! That was what I was looking for and I found it in the Koran."

4. Lizzy Anjorin
She was born into a Christian family. Soon after she traveled to Mecca for Hajj, she insisted to critics that she has always been a Muslim because her mother is a Muslim as well. But rumors have it that her conversion was made because of her new date, an Alhaji – a big boss from Lagos.
She said on her conversion that:
"Actually, my conversion to Islam is not new, it's only that people were not aware. I have been a Muslim for long. I even have pictures to support that. Although my name is Elizabeth, which is the Christian name my dad gave me because he was a Christian.
Then, I also have a Muslim name, Aishat, given to me by my mother, who was a Muslim. Also, some from my mother's family members also named me Sekinat. Even my daughter's name is Rufaidat. So, I grew with the two religions. And being the only child of my parents, I was given so many names, including Egandogo, Omosolape, Akanke. My Badagry name is Yenukunmun, meaning Isoju ota ni nse maa se rere (I will excel in the presence of my enemies)."

5. Laide Bakare
After this Nollywood star divorced her Christian husband, she met a rich man from Lagos. His name is Alhaji Tunde Orilowo aka ATM. Because of the union, she converted to Islam and joined his fleet of wives.
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