What I Don't Like About Yoruba Movie Producers - Actor Seun 'Confirm' Explains

Seun Confirm is one of the band boys of Femi Adebayo in the movie titled 'Aminatu Papapa'. He also played fake pastor in 'Kemi Azonto'. This young and versatile actor has appeared in scores of movie including the much anticipated movie 'Eja Nla' by Shai World.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Osundiya Seun Confirm. I was born and bred in Lagos State. I am the last born of the family. My primary education was in Mushin Public School,while secondary was at Imesi Ile High School. I proceeded to Osun State College of Education and currently I am studying Mass Communication in Yaba Tech.

How and when did you start acting?

I joined Nollywood over a decade now. I started with English movies because I was a registered member of AGN(Actors Guild of Nigeria). Later on,I switched to Yoruba movies under the tutelage of Ogunsola Sakiru and Akorede Oloyede in House of Wisdom caucus.  I have since graduated and now on my own with a plan to produce my own movie soon.

How did you come about the nickname 'CONFIRM'?

The alias came as a result of how I handle the jobs I do. The way I interpret roles and character is 'CONFIRM' (Laughs). Anything you hear from me or you ask me to do is always 'CONFIRM'. By the special grace of God,my alias will be the title of my first movie. As it is with Muyiwa Authentic,so it is with Seun Confirm.

Aside from acting,what else do you do?

Actually,I am into the world of entertainment fully. I am a professional master of ceremony and a model as well.

Who is your role model?

Firstly,I acknowledge God as my role model but I cherish and adore the acting skills of Olu Jacob and Wale Akorede.

Which role or character do you like to play in a movie?

Hmnnnn...I love playing the role of a lover boy..(Smiles)...a romantic role like the one I play in 'Omidan Meje'. However,there is no role or character I can't interpret to people's delight.

Which movie prominently featured you?

Omidan Meje by House of Wisdom and Sefunmi by Gbemisola. I appeared in 15 scenes and 8 scenes respectively.

How would you rate Nigerian movie industry?

As for me, Yoruba industry is not encouraging at all especially for upcoming artistes. Most times,you will act and not be paid. You may also be in a location for days and not feature in the production. But I so much appreciate Kazi Adeshina,Abiodun Fadugba,Big Sam,Seyi Edun and Akorede Oloyede. These people do call me for reasonable jobs. I also love working with Fabian. He is a good friend of mine and we both joined the industry together. He is currently a Production Manager.

What would you do differently when you become a movie producer?

This is a good question. Let me say here that nobody is perfect. I intend to focus more on quality than quantity. As far as I am concerned,one movie is enough to change the story of a film maker if well planned and shot to meet international standard. By the special grace of God,I will harness my experience from both English and Yoruba industry to produce a movie that will turn the whole world around. As a matter of fact,I am not in a hurry. My time will come and the whole world will see me.

Who is your favorite Movie Director?

Oh hh... I so much love Taiwo Oduala. He directs both English and Yoruba productions. I fell in love with him when I worked with him on 'Eja Nla's(Seyi Edun) location. He knows what it takes to be a director.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Whooo! By that time, I would have made an indelible impact in the industry as a movie producer. I also plan to get married.
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