Let us rule Nigeria Together

I observed the 28th march election and I have this to say about the
turnouts of the people during election especially in the south-west
region.'It is better done than said'this expression might sound
awkward but come to think of it,there is power in words but action
speaks louder than voice.The general complain by people of this great
nation about rigging,violence,corruption and bad governance can not
make things work out.
It high time we orientate ourselves on the need to contribute our
quota in determining the four years that will make the positive change
we dream of,pertaking in choosing the representatives that will man
the affairs of this great nation is pertinent to the development of
each and everyone one way or the other.Remember,it is our nation.
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About Asiwaju Abayomi Oke

Asiwaju is the CEO of Novent Concept, he is a Professional MC and also a Movie Director "Biographical Info" Novent TV is a subsidary of Novent Concept.


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