I Have No Rift With Funke Akindele – M.S AYINDE

City People Magazine's Best Movie Director of the Year 2013. Muyideen S. Ayinde opens up on his Journey so far in the movie Industry. How he ventured into the movie industry, his family and his alleged grudge with Jenifa (Funke Akindele). Enjoy this piece…

How has your journey been in the industry?

It has been wonderful, God has been the driver, the author so far. God has been graceful because in my wider imagination, I never thought I can go this far in the movie industry, I only have the zeal and desire to contribute and have my input in the industry but I thank God that one way or the other I am beginning to get noticed although there have been ups and down . I started my career with Wale Adenuga Production as the continuity man with Papa Ajasco and company in 1997. I produced and directed my first movie "ITA KUN" in 2004.

Since you won CITY PEOPLE BEST DIRCTOR OF THE YEAR 2013, you seemed to have gone off the scene, can you tell us why?

I have not gone off the scene, there is something we call consistency, there are directors and there are directors, I am not one of those directors that go to location anyhow, I am selective in my choice of work, if you go to the market you will notice that about 40 films are being produced every two weeks but gone are those days when we were trying to climb the ladder, we just jump at any offer more so I am a type of director that try to synchronize every script before its been done. All along we have been doing jobs because we want to make our voice heard and known, along the line I came to realise that it is not all job that come to my table that I must jump at. So I have to re-construct things, I decided not to work on low budget production, that is why you will see that lately my production has reduced a little.

Recently, we heard you came back from a visit to U.K, can you share with us your experience and motives of your stay over there?

We thank God, there is always reward for everything. I was given an invitation letter from the U.K to receive an award from Afro-Hollywood Award , so that was the reason I traveled to U.K, the experience was wonderful, I met people ,and I was able to explore other angles and expose myself to other side of the industry.

If you are not into movie directing, what would you have been doing?                                            

I would have been in the Banking sector, a chartered accountant because when I was in junior secondary school, I was initially in commercial class aiming at becoming an Accountant, eventually I later saw it that I have this gift in me, gift of arranging things, I have been writing short stories, gathering my colleagues, organising them, telling them to act it. Unknowingly to me I didn't know I was doing the job of a director, so when I got to my SSS class, I changed to Art class.

Considering the current status of the movie industry in Nigeria, can you say it has improved or not?

Over the years we tend to improve the standard in story wise and technical wise. We really have improved unlike before.

We heard your wife is also into script writing, how true is it and how did you meet her?

My wife has been writing script before I meet her. Destiny, because I wouldn't call it love at first sight but when I saw her I knew we are going to get married because I told her straight that I want to marry her not date her, it was after we started dating I knew that she has a gift. she is a writer, she has books she has written only that she has not written a script for movie, it was later I brush her up on how scripts are written, and since then she has written countless scripts, I have lost count on script of hers I have directed myself.

What was your first payment like?

As an actor I don't think I actually received any money, because I was used as extras. I wasn't bothered about the payment, it was passion that kept me going and I was spending my own money. I lost my mum in my early years, it was my Grandma that brought me up and at a point she got fed up, then one day she said you keep going to location and you are not been given any money, do you think this job can put food on the table, but we thank God eventually it is putting food on my table.

Yoruba movie industry is now trending with tout (Omo Ita) and street stories ( like: Omo  Ghetto, Skuri Bebo).what can you say about that.

What I think is responsible for what you asked is that, when most people are running out of ideas, we tend to rely on glory of a successful movie, so they tend to direct movies to the theme of such films so that they can achieve the market success that the so-called successful film achieved that was what happen on the issue of Jennifer, that we start seeing comedy films. But if you see closely to good directors' movie like Tade Ogidan, Tunde Kelani, Anta Laniyan, Abbey Lanre, you will see they are not moving into that trend including me.

Who do you look up to as a Mentor/Role Model in the Industry?

They are many, my boss of blessed memory Yomi Ogunmola, Tade Ogidan for his movie 'Owo Blow' which inspired me into directing, Muka Ray because I applied under his company when I came into the Movie Industry, Sunday Ogunyemi, a director of Photography because he taught me how to go about continuity job not even my boss (Yomi Ogunmola) that taught me, lastly Wale Adenuga because he paid for my course at ITPAN (Independent Television producer of Nigeria).

Can you share with us your worst moment in location as a Movie Director?

I will say my worst moment was on the set of a movie titled 'Oga Gun', when an actor(name withheld) disrespected me, I told him a piece of my mind, I made him realised that I may be small but am still the director and he later apologised and I forgave him.

Are you in position to convince any producer to change story, if such story or similar to it has been produced or released before?

Exactly that is the work of a director. A good director should be able to determine, what the picture of a movie should look like. A producer may conceptualise an idea and tell a director, it is now the director's work to make the idea come alive. As a director I do it most times, when you bring a script to me, I will give it a three point agenda; it must be entertaining, informative and educative. So considering these agenda; I will eventually come out with a good message Movie for viewers at home.

You used to have a cordial relationship with Funke Akindele, which seems not be so lately, can you tell us why?

From the start, Funke Akindele Company, Scene One Production and my production Virgos Motion Pictures are in working terms. And I have been working with her since she produce 'Omo Iya Aje, Taye Taiwo, Aje Meta, Jenifa 1 and 2´ but lately I don't think she has seen any of her script that suit my directing that is why she has not contacted me to work for her, and am sure if she has a script that she thinks M.S Ayinde is the best for, she will call on me, so I can't be the only director working with her every time.

We also heard that she removed your name as the director of jenifa part2 which you co-directed?

No, that is not the story; my name was never excluded from the credit of Jennifer 1, 2 or Return of Jennifer. The only thing I know is that there is news reaching me that I should go on internet and see my name wasn't on the directors' list of Return of Jennifer which I called the Manager and Funke Akindele that corrections should be done on it and it was done.

Can a movie director like you attain the post of ANTP chairman and if you are to be ANTP/NOLLYWOOD president, what will you do differently?

ANTP is a body and am a member, I was given approval as a director under ANTP, and so if the members think that I suit the post why not. On what I will do differently, I don't see why a body through its power can't get the Federal Government to get its members like Actors, Actresses, Production Managers, abroad to see how movies are being done there.

Who is Muyideen.S.Ayinde in terms of education, growing up, family background?
Am a native of Oyo State, first son out of five childen, not born with a silver spoon, strived hard to succeed and I believe in prayer and hardworking. I had my O'level at Isolo Grammar School now Holy Saviour College and from there I did professional courses on movie making; ITPAN, London film school, I didn't attend any institution (tertiary)

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