Muri Thunder and Malaysian Actors Feature in Abbey Abimbola's Film

This is a story based on Nigeria Politicians who are in charge of our electricity with a guy named Crack, who is interested in avenging who killed his parent. In the process of avenging back, he undergoes a lot of challenges to the point that he has to travel down to Malaysia to look for a particular person. While in Malaysia, he faces racism, gangsterism, drugs between the whites and Asians. How he managed to survive all this challenges is captured in the movie titled ONE BLOOD. Watch out for this movie.

Written and produced by: Abbey Abimbola
Director: Abbey Abimbola
D.O.P: Ibrahim Saliu
Asst D.O.P: Wanta Kere
Asst D.O.P: Bee Jay.
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Starring: Geoff Andre, Kay Shan, Badruzaman Azzack, Chan chi wai, Joanne Lo, Gnaga Mixtone, Ayawan, Muri Thunder, Prabhu Raja, Abbey Abimbola and many more.

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