Why I Preferred Damilola Banire to Iya Afin Onimiliki; Popular TV Presenter Opens Up

Damilola Banire
Most TV or On Air Personalities usually have a stage name or what is called Alias. For Damilola Banire, the show she anchors on TV gave birth to her stage name which is Iya Afin Onimiliki. Interestingly and surprisingly, at the beginning of this year, she suddenly changed her social media account names from her stage name to her real name. Out of curiosity, we sought to find out the reason and trust me, Iya Afin, sorry Damilola Banire had a lot to say. Enjoy this.

Why The Change?
Basically Iya Afin Onimiliki grew from the TV Show Miliki Express on Orisun TV. About November last year in Ibadan, I was with a lady and I had to pick a client's call in her presence. After the call, she said "I never knew you speak good English especially because you anchor a Yoruba programme. As a mater of fact, I have always believed Yoruba presenters are semi-illiterates". I looked at her and said "I went to school, I don't know about others". When I returned to Lagos, I thought of it that most presenters/OAP have boxed themselves to the indigenous core Yoruba without flexibility. Based on my understanding of Broadcasting, I realized that we have a lot of non-Yoruba speaking viewers and listeners who love the language and possibly want to learn it, thus, tuning in to a Yoruba speaking radio or TV. However, the presenters sometimes make things difficult for such audience by being stiff and rigid. At least there should be a blend so that these group of audience can flow and at the same time learn and appreciate the Yoruba language more.

No doubt about the fact that Yoruba is a beautiful language and I am so proud to be a Yoruba woman. This is urban times with so much civilization flying around, you don't need to give me a headache trying to unravel what the presenter or OAP just mentioned. Simplicity is key here. A 70/30 blend wouldn't be a bad idea.   
Damilola Banire

On Why She Changed Her Social Media Account Names to Damilola Banire
I changed my social media names from Iya Afin Onimiliki (a name some people can't even pronounce correctly) to Damilola Banire as part of my re-branding process. I want to be seen as a versatile broadcaster that is not restricted or limited by language. I meet with a lot of people as a radio/TV presenter, event anchor (MC), Engagement Orator (Alaga iduro and ijoko), event planner, publicist etc and I think it's high time Damilola Banire came out from where she has been hiding and since January 1st 2016 that the re-branding officially started, I have felt more easy in dealing with people with my name.

My name is Damilola Banire and this is my re-branding story.

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  1. Promoting your brand with your real name is such a great idea. I know you've got a great stuff and u only need to do a little networking more to make a higher record. Good to watch you present any day!

  2. It does not matter to me..Damilola Banire or Iya Afin Onimiliki...I love you all the same...

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