Shortage of Cash: Bank Customers Stranded

As early as 6am today, ATM Centres across the city of Ota were besieged by customers who want to make withdrawals. However,they were disappointed when they realised the machines could not dispense. Instead of returning home,most of these customers maintained a long queue both at the ATMs and even at the entrance of the bank with hope that they will be paid across the counter.

Our findings revealed that Nigerian banks are short of cash and are unable to meet the withdrawal demand of their customers this season.  According to a Zenith Bank customer by the name Olusola Oke, "banks shouldn't expect more deposit this season because people will want to withdraw their savings in order to cater for their needs during the festive period, why would my bank restrict the amount I can withdraw?"

A school of thought believed that what is happening to banks now is what MMM envisaged. MMM feared there will be more GH than PH this season and this may crash the system, thus, the need to freeze investors account till next year.

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