5 Mistakes You Should Never Make As Upcoming Actors, Models & Artistes


Mistakes You Should Never Make As Upcoming Actors, Models & Artistes

1. Don't assume you must be helped.
Some upcoming acts usually believe that someone they know who is already in the industry must help them grow. My brother,no think am. Most times,they will now feel bad if such person fails to offer assistance. If your help is not from Tunde Kelani and he happens to come from your village, he will not help you. Haven't you wondered why Gabriel Afolayan and Aremu Afolayan hardly feature in Kunle Afolayan's flicks? No sentiments. If I don't see you in a story, I can't force myself to put you there. If your genre of music doesn't tally with my preference, I can't possibly sign you on my label just because you are my cousin. So,don't always expect that you must be helped. Struggle on your own. Attend auditions. Go for castings and competitions. Do free jobs to showcase your talent. Read books and watch TV contents that will help you grow and be rest assured that your help will come from God and not man.

2. Don't always complain and rant.
*If you are given an appointment for 10am and you find yourself waiting for the man in charge to come, don't complain that he wasted your time*

*If your stay in the studio or on set of a production is exceeding normal time,don't complain or rant. Instead,make your observation known with a smile*

*Nobody usually wants to work with a difficult person especially when you are still new. There are so many other options out there. Even when you are the best actor or model and your attitude is questionable,you may be dropped*

*If the welfare package on a production set is not favorable,please manage. Nothing lasts forever. E.G You are asked to share your hotel room with someone, don't hesitate. That is not the time to say,"nobody sleeps with me in my room at home". Madam,you are not in your room here. Or instead of regular meal,you are offered snacks,don't rant. Manage it. Nothing lasts forever. I once used my money to feed people in a location when I noticed the producer is running out of cash.

3. Respect the least person you meet anywhere you go.
*Call the security man "Oga Sir". The guy they usually send on errand also known as Production Assistant;refer to him as " my friend" Ladies can call him "my boyfriend". Don't look down on anyone even if it is the Director on set that invited you. As a matter of fact,the one you see as the least person around may be the one that will recommend you to your breakthrough job. Be humble. Be friendly. Be professional.

4. Lateness is suicidal to a growing career.
When you become a superstar,you may try lateness sometimes but as you are now,don't dare to be late to castings,auditions,Photoshoot, video shoot and location including interview or meetings. Traffic is not an excuse. Distance is not. The worst excuse is when you say, "my mummy...my daddy sent me on an errand...." Chai! You have succeeded in presenting yourself as "Omo Mummy". You are not ripe for stardom. If you want to learn professional excuse, see me privately. The kind of excuse that when you present it,it will attract sympathy. But on a more serious note,don't be a late comer. It is suicidal to your career.

5. Don't do "over sabi".
You have been trained by someone you truly believe in his abilities;on getting to another place,they seem to do things slightly differently. On no account should you say "this is not how it is done". Please keep your advice to yourself and learn. Don't go about condemning other people's actions. Appreciate the other side of things. Learn to ask questions in a polite manner. Network, relate and be friendly with everybody. Introverts do smile. Even if you want to keep to yourself,at every glance that meets your eyes, beam a smile.

Finally, LEGIT.
L - Learn
E - Explore
G - Grow
I - In
T - Truth

Don't be in a hurry to blow. Whatever you want to do must be LEGIT.

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