During Demolition of Houses,25 Years Old Corpse Still Fresh in Ijoko-Ogun State

Demolition of Houses at Ijoko
The Railway Station in Ijoko-Ogun State became a Mecca of sort yesterday 26th of April as mammoth crowd witnessed the on going demolition of houses by the Rail side to pave way for the expansion and construction of new rail lines between Lagos to Ibadan. On lookers were however shocked when a 25 years old corpse was exhumed and it was realised that the body did not decay neither is the corpse clothes.
According to eye witness, the family of the corpse needed to relocate the grave of their deceased and in the process found out that the corpse was still intact as it was buried 25 years ago.
Railway Line,Ijoko
When asked what may be responsible for this,an elderly man by the name Falola, explained that it is very likely that the earth rejected the deceased probably because of evil perpetrated while on earth. He said the only reason the deceased negated the word of God which states that all human beings must return to mother earth as soil is definitely as a result of gross evil perpetrated by the corpse before death came knocking.

The on going demolition of properties believed to be encroaching on the land of the Nigerian Railway Corporation has made so many families homeless as at the time of filling in this report. It was rumoured that it has equally claimed lives. A couple has been said to slump and die owing to their sudden loss of accommodation.

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