Motun Wears Boss Reveals Her Secret as a Fashion Designer

She is one of the few rising Fashion Designers with a touch of excellence and distinction. Motunrayo is the Creative Director of Motun Wears, a Fashion label for female Fashion enthusiast. In this exclusive interview, she opens up on what stands her out and her prospects. Enjoy.

Can we meet you?

My name is Rasheed Oluwabukola Motunrayo. I am a Fashion Designer and the Creative Director of Motun Wears. I currently hold a National Diploma in Business Studies from Allover Central Polytechnic, Ota. I had my primary and secondary education at Hill Crest Model School and Iganmode Grammar School respectively.

Tell us about your childhood experience. Any remarkable moment?

I am the first born and I have three siblings. Growing up was fun and equally not easy; but thank God,we scaled through. There is a particular mark on my face that I got from the beating I received from my mum when I was 3 years old. My mum prepared fried egg as breakfast and placed it on the table. Innocent Motun went there and finished everything... she beat me ehn...(laughs)

How did you venture into Fashion Designing?

I started making wears 3 years ago. I learned the skill from Decsy Fashion House in 2014. I spent just 8 months to learn and I can confidently say that I am pretty good at making contemporary female attires. It is always better for starters to define their line of business and expertise as well. For example, I primarily focus on Female Wears.
I remember vividly then that I make Wears for my course mates in school and I charge little or no fee. For me,it wasn't about immediate gain at that time. I needed to make a loud statement about my prowess in making beautiful designs. So,I concentrated on delighting my customers and it obviously paid off at the end.

What are your current challenges?

I do not actually see it as a challenge but rather as a phase I have to pass through. Currently,I don't have an office or what you may call workshop. I operate from home.

How does that affect your job?

Does it really affect my job? I don't think so. As a matter of fact,it has no direct impact on my output. The only thing is that in recent times,alot of people have been approaching me for training which I do decline. Ever since I took part in a Fashion Show earlier this year,there has been increased demand for tutoring. But I can't accommodate any apprentice now because I don't have a workshop. But very soon, when I hammer,I will open my own Fashion House.

So,you work alone?

Yes. My workshop is currently on social media. I showcase and advertise my designs on Instagram and Facebook. I get more clients from these platforms and I do the delivery myself most times.

Tell us about the Fashion Show

Hmmm! Simply Native Fashion Show. It was awesome because that was the very first time I showcased my collections at a Fashion Show. I enjoyed the experience. Having to work with Models and Photographers even before the show and during the show really challenged me and made me believe more in myself. I now see Motun Wears not just as a National brand but a global brand. I look forward to been part of more Fashion Shows not only in Nigeria but in Paris,New York,Pretoria, Dubai and the likes. Thanks to Asiwaju,the Creative Director of Novent Concept for the platform.

What stands you out as a Fashion Designer?

I make unique designs. I attach pearls and stones to beautify my work and I ensure it fits my client. I don't do "my mum dash me" kind of cloth. Either you are slim or plus size, my designs are bespoke.

What other things do you do?

I  am a Model and I love dancing. However,I am not a runway model but a commercial model.

Is that why you like taking pictures?

(Laughs) I really do love taking pictures because I know I am beautiful and equally photogenic.

If you were not a Fashion Designer, what would you have been doing?

A motivational speaker

Have you had the opportunity to motivate people before?

Yes. Recently,I was invited to speak at a forum for Young Leaders but I couldn't make it because of work demand. But I look forward to such opportunities in the future.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My Fashion House should be in place by then. I see myself showcasing my collections on international platforms and also making Wears for celebrities.
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