Why I Don't Have a Girl Friend - Model, Ayomikun Adegunle Reveals

Ayomikun Adegunle
He spoke passionately about his vision for Nigeria in this interview. Ayomikun Adegunle is a Model to watch out for in the industry. He shares with us in this exclusive interview his plans for the future and why he doesn't have a girl friend for now. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ayomikun Adegunle,a final year undergraduate of Civil Engineering in Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta,a Model and a child of God

How was growing up for you?

I am actually the last of four children. I have 3 elder sisters before me. Growing up wasn't really fun for me because it was practically a triangular life style for me. A situation where I have to follow laid down routine which is School - Home - Church. Those are the three major places you can find me because we are brought up by Christian parents. Though,there are fun times intermittently.

Any embarrassing moment?

(Laughs) Most recent one happened at the recently held Novent Retreat. I felt so embarrassed that I can't swim despite my height. Initially,I didn't want to enter the pool because I don't want to expose my weakness but when I saw others swimming,I felt I should also try. I couldn't move beyond the shallow area.(Laughs). I really felt embarrassed.

Did you become a Model because of your height?

Talking about Modeling,I have always been a lover of camera;even when I wasn't as tall as I am. I love to pose for the camera. I will only consider my height as an added advantage,likewise possession of good looks...(smiles) no self appraisal though.

So,how did you become a Model?

Well, for some time,I have been on the look out for open shows,casting calls on Instagram and all that not until a friend and course mate,Samuel Fadare told me about Novent Concept. He showed me pictures of the Simply Native Fashion Show that was held in February and some other pictorial activities and also introduced me to Asiwaju who later invited me for Photoshoot.

What has been your experience so far?

I am still undergoing training for now and gathering experience. But I must say I am delighted to have chosen this path.

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

As I mentioned earlier, my height and my good looks.

So,what is your statistics?

I am 6ft 2" tall and my waist is 32. I also weigh 71kg as at last check.

Are you fulfilled as a Civil Engineering student?

To an extent,Yes. I am studying a course I have always wanted to.

If not Civil Engineering?



That's my parent's choice but Civil Engineering is my dream course.

If you have the opportunity to be Nigeria's President in a day, what is the first thing you would do?

Mheeenn! That's a big one. One thing that has always been on my mind is restructuring Nigeria Academic system. In a way,I consider it as restricting the ability of young people. I believe there should be close monitoring of children right from their early age,paying attention to their strengths and weaknesses and as such,place everyone in their line of interest. It could be Sport,Media,Fashion,Barbing,ICT and other skills. Not everybody needs to be forced to undergo formal education when their potential can be maximised in informal sectors and they will still contribute to the Nation's development and even GDP. Majority of the working class today are not finding fulfilment and pleasure in their work,that is why there is low productivity. People only work to survive these days. Passion and commitment is lost. This has to be corrected from the foundation.

Brilliant submission; but this can't be achieved in your one day in office.

Of course,but I hope to set machinery in place.

As a fine boy with good looks,what is your relationship with the opposite sex?

Very good.

Is there a special one?

At the moment,no. Just a couple of good friends I love to hang around with.


No particular reason.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself as a big time model taking over from the current big boys like Uti,Gbenro,Alex and the likes. Of course,my profession as a Civil Engineer will still be on course.

Are you holding any leadership position in school or in church?

None in school but in church yes. I am the Transport Coordinator.

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