How I Lost My Boy Friend to a Wrong Decision - Vicky B Cotoure Boss Explains

Ibrahim Olanike
Nike as she is fondly called is the Creative Director of Vicky B Cotoure. Her love for Fashion from childhood has been translated to a business venture for her. In this interview, she shares with us her childhood experience,love life and other sundry issues. Enjoy.

How did you come about the brand name Vicky B Cotoure?

Actually,my full name is Olanike Ayobamidele Victoria Ibrahim. Vicky is from Victoria while the B is from Bamidele.

How was growing up like for you?

I was brought up in a very discipline environment where values and principles are given top priority. My father works with Intercontinental Distillery Limited while my mum is a business woman and I am the first of three children. I have Lekan and Olamide as siblings.

Any childhood experience you would like to share?

Yea! (Smiles) There is a particular mark at my back till date which I got from my 'shakara' at age 3. Anytime I wear a new dress,I usually turn around like a Model on a runway to showcase the beauty of my dress. On this particular day,as I did 360 degree turning,I lost control and fell on an iron bucket.

Does that mean you have always loved Fashion from childhood?

I guess so.

When did you start making Wears?

I started making Wears a year ago. I learned the skill under 6 months while I was serving in Anambra State. I walked pass a lady's shop one day and I saw beautiful dresses hung outside. I said to myself I should be able to make better designs;so I approached her for training. Her name is Oge.

So,you are a graduate?

Of course. I hold a Bsc. in Accounting.

Don't you intend to work with your certificate?

I intend to. But where is the job?

So,if you are offered a job now,you will quit Fashion Designing?

I don't think so. I have so much fell in love with my job. I derive joy in seeing people well dressed. I will always run my Fashion House along side any job I get.

What makes your designs unique?

I sow to fit. I dont make  oversize for clients.

Who are your target market?

Both old and young

What are your current challenges?

I really don't see it as a challenge but it is something I wish I have. I don't have a work shop yet. currently operate from home.

So,how do you get clients?

Mostly through social media. I usually display pictures of clothes I make for myself on Instagram and when people see it,they chat me up to make similar or other designs for them.

So,you model for your brand?

(Laughs) "Abi nah"

Are you a professional model?

Yes,I am on my way to becoming a professional Model. I just got signed to Novent Concept as a Model and I am indeed excited about it because it is a dream come through. I told a brother of mine of my interest in Modelling and he introduced me to Asiwaju.

What are your hobbies?

Singing and dancing.

What are your fears?

I don't have any.

Any decision made in error?

Hmnnn. There is one I can't forget. I gave my school fees to a friend who wanted to trade with it with a promise of interest over refund. Unfortunately, I didn't get to receive even the principal let alone the interest. At a point,she stopped picking my calls. It is a decision that made me lose my boy friend then.


While I was trying to raise money to pay my school fees,I lied at home that the fees has been hiked. What they gave me wasn't enough to cover up,so I had to turn to my so called boyfriend then, who later left me when he could not stand the pressure and demand from my side.

Oh sorry! Hope you now have a reliable boyfriend now?

(Smiles) No,I am not in any relationship for now.


I just want to be alone for now. I am sick and tired of lies from guys.

You must have a bad experience.

(Giggles) A guy lied to me that he is single whereas he is married. So,it is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person.

Don't you sometimes feel lonely?

I don't. I have great male friends around me without strings attached.

Finally,where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself in my beautiful Fashion Home and making clothes for High Net worth Individuals. I want to have majority of the world celebrities as my clients.

Thank you for your time

You are welcome.

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Vicky B Cotoure

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