"Hard work will beat talent if talent fails to work hard" - Bolaji Femi

Bolaji Femi 
Motivational Speaker and Business Strategist, Bolaji Femi, challenged participants at a seminar on Talent and Money organised by NOVENT CONCEPT recently, not to rely on their talents only. The CEO of Phumbuk Communications spoke for nothing less than 2 hours to a group of youth with different talents on how they can monetize their talent and become a professional in what they do. 

He emphasised the need to develop their talents with hard work. Femi Bolaji, a serial entrepreneur, backed up his teachings with real life and interesting stories which keep the participants glued to their seat while paying rapt attention. He listed 13 things that talent needs to survive. Some of which are: Character, Relationship Perseverance and Hard work. 

The convener of the seminar, Asiwaju Abayomi Oke added his voice to the thought provoking session by encouraging the upcoming stars to be consistent in delivering excellent performance and service whenever they are opportuned to display their talent. He thanked the guest speaker whom he referred to as his mentor for impacting so much knowledge into the participants.
See pictures from the programme below:
Abayomi Oke - Asiwaju 

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Asiwaju is the CEO of Novent Concept, he is a Professional MC and also a Movie Director "Biographical Info" Novent TV is a subsidary of Novent Concept.


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